Are Extractions Avoidable?

You may assume that when you need a dental extraction, there’s nothing you could have done differently to avoid it. To the contrary, you will be happy to hear that in many instances, you can make choices that will allow you to rescue and keep your tooth. Of course, there are accidents, unforeseen changes, and particular needs that may lead to the removal of one or more of your teeth. As for what makes an extraction necessary or completely avoidable, let’s break down the details.

The Ones That Are Unavoidable

Some dental extractions are simply unavoidable. There’s nothing you might have done differently to prevent them. As far as these types of tooth removal needs, they may include the following:

  • You’re suffering from overcrowding, so you need a tooth taken out to complete your orthodontic care
  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted or threatening your smile in another way

The Ones That Are Avoidable

While there are cases that will leave you with no other option but to say yes to a dental extraction, there are many ways to avoid the removal of your tooth, as well. Remember that extractions are often a final resort for teeth that have become too damaged or diseased to stay put. Think through the following for a better understanding of how to preserve your natural teeth:

  • Teeth removed due to severe infection: This tooth may have been kept by seeking restorative care before the infection became serious.
  • Teeth removed due to severe decay: This tooth may have been rescued by receiving a filling the moment a cavity was detected.
  • Teeth removed due to breakage: This tooth may have been rescued by practicing more diligent dental care, by remaining committed to checkups and cleanings, by receiving necessary restorative care, by wearing a protective mouthguard when participating in sports, and by avoiding overly hard food choices.

Learn More About Protecting Your Smile

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