Is It A Canker Sore?

When it comes to oral pathology, which is the area of care dealing with sores, bumps, and anything that may hint at a disease happening within your mouth, it’s often difficult for patients to figure out what’s going on at home. As a result, we find that you may not know when to schedule a visit with us and when to just “wait and see.” We understand your dilemma and know that a common cause for confusion is the canker sore. Not sure what to make of this issue or whether you should come in for an appointment? Let us clear up a couple facts.

They Usually Go Away Without Treatment

It can be difficult to believe that you don’t need to schedule an oral pathology visit when you experience a canker sore because they certainly look unattractive and feel much worse than they appear! While they can lead to some discomfort, they’re generally not a reason to worry or to schedule a visit. Here’s how to manage your experience:

  • Keep the area clean (rinsing is your best option)
  • Leave the sore alone
  • Keep track of how long it’s been present

When You Need To Come In

Now, let’s say you’ve done all that we suggested and the sore is still around after about seven days. It’s not even showing any signs of shrinking or feeling less uncomfortable. In this case, an oral pathology visit is certainly a good idea. In addition, if your sore is causing you some significant pain, if it is larger than you’ve ever experienced, or if you think it has become irritated, schedule a visit with us! It is, after all, better to be safe than sorry when dealing with your oral health.

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