Answering Common Questions About Wisdom Teeth

By the time you’re an adult, you will have met at least one person (if not many) who have mentioned their wisdom teeth removal experience. What you may not be so sure about, however, is why you haven’t had one of these experiences yourself (or if it’s okay that you’re procrastinating). When you’re uncertain about your oral health, we always encourage you to let us know you have questions. For this particular topic, we offer some introductory assistance by answering common questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why don’t I have any wisdom teeth? Is this a bad thing?

Answer: We’re not entirely sure about why some people simply never develop wisdom teeth. What we do know is that you’re fortunate! You don’t need these molars and for many people, their presence simply requires oral surgery for removal.

Question: My wisdom teeth are all grown in and haven’t been causing me any problems. Should I still have them removed with wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Answer: The only reason to have them removed is if they are presenting a problem for you or if you think they will in the future. For instance, if you find them difficult to access and thoroughly clean, decay and other issues may result, which is good cause for elective removal.

Question: My wisdom tooth is causing me some problems but the thought of scheduling oral surgery just seems too time-consuming. Is it really going to be a big deal if I put it off for a while longer?

Answer: It may be. Remember that problems with these teeth can result in difficult dental hygiene, decay, cyst formation, pain, teeth forced into misalignment, and more. Choosing wisdom teeth removal surgery ASAP is the best decision.

Avoid Complications By Scheduling Wisdom Tooth Removal

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