Cracked Tooth: Do I Need An Extraction?

The only thing worse than ending up with a cracked tooth is feeling completely uncertain about available treatments. Will a tooth with a crack in it require a dental extraction, you wonder? Is it a fixable problem? Are all fractures, cracks, and fissures alike? We understand your concern and know that experiencing dental damage can feel quite overwhelming. As a result, we would like to help take the stress (and mystery) out of the situation, so you can seek help and restore your smile as soon as possible.

Different Cracks Require Different Care

When you crack a tooth, the severity of the crack, the length, and more will affect the type of treatment you require. If your primary concern is whether you will need a dental extraction, the answer is that this is usually only the case with deep or serious cracks. For cracks that do not extend below the gumline, you will generally be able to receive a dental crown (and possibly a root canal treatment if required). As for very tiny cracks that only affect your enamel, these are esthetic in nature (called craze lines) and are not dangerous; you may treat them with cosmetic care or ignore them.

Cracked Tooth? Come See Us Immediately!

As you’ve noticed, you are not going to be able to diagnose your tooth crack on your own and, of course, ignoring one can lead to some serious oral health problems. As a result, we simply suggest you come in to see us immediately if a crack occurs. We can determine whether you require a dental extraction or otherwise and then quickly help you restore your oral health.

See Us ASAP For Help With A Cracked Tooth

Protect your immediate and long-term oral health by speaking with us right away about receiving treatment for a cracked tooth. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.