Do I Really Need X-Rays?

Sometimes (in many instances), we will need to take X-rays of your oral structures. You might ask yourself why this is necessary, what it allows us to do, and why we can’t just look closely at what we can see with our eyes alone and go from there. To help you feel more confident about coming in for the comprehensive treatment plan you require to protect your oral health, we offer some helpful details about advanced imaging and why it’s part of your care.

We Need To See Everything

Of course, we can gain a lot of information by talking with you about your smile and by looking at your teeth and surrounding structures. They provide details and hints. However, making estimations and guesses about what’s happening beneath your teeth, within your teeth, and within the supportive framework surrounding your smile is not at all precise. For the precision necessary to offer accurate diagnoses and care, we need a way to see the tissues that are not visible on the surface. This is where advanced imaging comes in, giving us the insight required.

Care Requires Detailed Planning

Why do we need advanced imaging to plan, you wonder? Let’s take dental implants as a solid example. In order to ensure you are in fact ready for implants, we need to see how your jaw health is. If it passes, we can move forward. If not, we may need to perform bone grafting. Then, we need to create a very detailed strategy for the placement of your implants to promote optimal healing, alignment, and more. How can we see deeper into your tissues for a complete visual of your smile? With advanced imaging, of course. Have additional questions? We are always happy to answer them.

Achieve Optimal Case Planning With Advanced Imaging

Coming in for the X-rays and imaging you need is essential to receiving the precise treatments and care for a healthy, complete smile. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.