Month: May 2017

2 Important Reasons To Brush And Floss

When asked about the foundation of a healthy smile, you probably answer on autopilot with something regarding the importance of brushing and flossing. Fortunately, you are right on track! However, if pressed a bit further, do you think you can explain the significance of your dental hygiene as it applies to your oral health on… Read more »

Do I Really Need X-Rays?

Sometimes (in many instances), we will need to take X-rays of your oral structures. You might ask yourself why this is necessary, what it allows us to do, and why we can’t just look closely at what we can see with our eyes alone and go from there. To help you feel more confident about… Read more »

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Oral Surgery Post-Op Meds: Things To Consider

After you undergo oral surgery, you (like many patients) may return home with a prescription for strong pain reliever that are specifically suggested for patients who have received treatments like jaw surgery. This is, of course, something that gives you the security you need, knowing you will be able to remain completely comfortable following your surgery…. Read more »