Why Remain Committed To Care After Receiving Implants?

You’re done with the process of replacing your teeth with dental implants, you’re pleased that your mouth is healthy again, and you feel like you’ve got a brand new lease on life! While everything might seem perfect at the moment, it can only remain that way if you keep up with your dental care. We know that you might feel you’ve bought yourself some time to relax, skip your usual brushing, and just enjoy your new pristine grin. However, we would like to share some advice regarding why your commitment to care must remain just as strong.

You Can Lose Those Implants

Your dental implants look amazing and you figure it took a very long time to lose your natural teeth, so a bit of a relaxed attitude can’t hurt, right? Not exactly. Remember that crowns and implants aren’t made of natural tissue. While they may not degrade, your gum tissue can quickly turn from healthy to inflamed and infected, which leads to dental implant failure. Brush and floss just as we suggest, so you don’t face this disappointment.

You Might Not See The Warning Signs

You might think to yourself that your smile looks fine, so you’re obviously not in any danger. However, issues like gingivitis (and peri-implantitis) can occur without obvious symptoms. Our suggestion: Keep up with dental checkups even when things look perfect to avoid surprises.

You Can Lose More Teeth

If you still have natural teeth in place, remember that they are still vulnerable to disease. As a result, you can find yourself requiring additional tooth replacements in the future. When you maintain your oral health, you keep your smile in good condition, so you don’t require further oral surgery. This, of course, is better for you, less costly, and much more convenient.

Learn More About Life After Implants

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