Implants: What Makes Them So Durable?

You have probably heard quite often that dental implants are exceptionally durable. You know that when you choose implants to replace teeth that are missing, they can last and last. You also know that whatever restoration you select for your smile also comes with a reputation for incredible resilience. The piece of the puzzle that might still be missing for you, however, is just what makes all of these pieces so very capable of withstanding daily chewing, speaking, and the force of your exceptionally strong jaws! As you may have guessed … we’ve got the details you’re seeking.

The Bond Between Your Jawbone And Implant

When you start asking yourself how a dental implant could possibly last a lifetime and could offer such exceptional stability, remember first that they are modeled after your own tooth roots. When kept healthy and free of trauma, they can offer a healthy, stable bite for life. Then, there’s osseointegration: This is the process that occurs when your newly received implant bonds with the tissue in your jawbone (again, much like your natural root structure). They essentially turn into a single unit, so those implants aren’t going anywhere.

The Engineering Of Restorations

Your restoration, whether a single dental crown, bridge, or denture, will be crafted out of high-quality materials. The tooth replacement itself, whether porcelain or zirconia, is made to withstand the pressure in your smile, to look beautiful, and to resist stains and damage. As a result of careful, custom crafting, it can offer durability.

The Strategic Placement

Your bite is unique. The way your teeth work together to break down food and to help you speak is, as a result, also unique. When we place dental implants and restorations, we do so strategically to ensure everything fits together correctly and that pressure is distributed evenly for long-lasting wear.

Talk With Us About Your Interest In Implants

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