Implants After Placement: What You Should Know

You might find yourself spending time daydreaming about the day you have dental implants, the process is all done, and you have a smile that’s intact, complete, and healthy again. However, when you rewind to present time and you’re thinking about placement and what happens just after it, you might not feel so certain about the details. Fortunately, recovery is not a serious issue at all! To ensure you feel informed, we encourage you to consider a few particulars.

Drugstore Pain Relief Is Usually Enough!

If you’re worried that you will be in a lot of pain and that you’ll need prescription-strength pain medication, this is usually not necessary. Patients typically report that discomfort after dental implant placement is minimal and that pain relievers purchased over the counter most certainly suffice.

You Might Not Remember Placement

If there’s something about receiving the implants that makes you a little uneasy, we encourage you to make note: You probably won’t remember the details! You will receive anesthesia that will place you in a very relaxed state. One major benefit of dental sedation is that it results in something we call an “amnesic” effect. In other words, you will not be able to recall the specifics of your dental implant placement.

There Will Be A Few Signs Of Surgery

While it won’t be long until you’re back to the usual day-to-day things you’re accustomed to having on your schedule, you might experience some temporary changes to your appearance that you should consider. You might end up with some swelling of your gums, as well as some swelling in your face. You may also experience a bit of bruising on your face. While this is completely normal, some patients prefer to schedule their plans around these details.

Learn More About Placement During Visits

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