3 Things That Can’t Happen To Your Implant Post

You might hear a lot of stuff about considering dental implant posts if you’ve lost teeth and are ready to completely start fresh with a full replacement (in the form of an implant and restoration). Some of the stuff you hear is fantastic and makes you feel like you’re ready to run to our Rohnert Park, CA practice to get started with making your smile what it once was. However, there are some other things you hear or read about that give you pause. Will the implants really offer you the amazing stability you hear about? Or, are they extremely prone to failure in reality? In short: The good things you hear are generally true! As for specifics that will help you feel you’ve gained a solid perspective, we’re happy to share.

#1: It Can’t “Slip”

Your dentures can slip if you’re wearing traditionally supported ones. This can cause problems when you’re chewing food or trying to speak. This isn’t possible with dental implants.

#2: It Isn’t Going To Get A Cavity

Your natural teeth and their roots can decay, leading to problems like cavities, infections, the need for fillings, root canals, and even extractions. Remember that while you still need to practice excellent dental care to promote a healthy smile, your dental implant posts themselves aren’t going to develop cavities or decay. The same is true for your restorations. The gum tissue surrounding your implant and all other tissue in your smile must still remain in exceptional health to promote implants that last. However, this is always a refreshing detail to recognize!

#3: It Won’t Fall Out

If the types of dental work you’ve had throughout your life include things like dental crowns, braces, or a dental bridge, then you know that these fixed devices can break away from your teeth. While the aforementioned fixed work can “fall off” so to speak, this is not something that can happen with a dental implant post. Why not, you ask? Well, because your implants aren’t bonded with a glue or cement onto your teeth. The implants literally become part of your jawbone as your jaw tissue and the implant fuse together. While it’s possible for there to be a problem that causes the failure of the implant, it’s not simply going to pop out of place one day.

See Us For Additional Knowledge Regarding Implant Posts

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