The Smoking Debate: What’s The Final Word?

You’ve probably heard that you might be able to continue smoking if you want to choose dental implants after you’ve experienced tooth loss. However, you also hear that when you smoke, it greatly increases the chance that you end up losing those implants that you want (or that the placement fails). So, what’s what? Can you smoke cigarettes? Or, can’t you? While it would be much easier if this was a very cut-and-dry topic, it is not! So, to help you better understand the variables involved, let’s cover some fresh ground. Still curious about your candidacy? Come see us!

Smoking Makes Healing Harder

As far as the actual placement of dental implants is concerned, smoking is always going to be an absolute no-no. Before you undergo the placement of implants and throughout the healing process, you are going to need to avoid smoking. Why is this the case, you ask? Well, because it hinders healing. It slows this process down. It makes your body more susceptible to infection. What you want in regard to a surgical procedure is a swift, safe recovery in order to promote success and to avoid any type of complication.

Smoking Threatens Implant Longevity

Smoking isn’t safe for your body’s tissues. This includes your smile. Some people respond poorly to tobacco and end up with disease. Others can smoke for years without developing the same problems as another person. So, it’s quite a personal thing. However, there is no crystal ball that will tell you whether you’ll succeed or fail if you choose to smoke. As for the particulars of wearing dental implants and smoking while you have them, the chance of them failing is greater than if you avoid smoke. When you smoke, you’re more likely to develop periodontal disease. You’re also more likely to develop peri-implantitis. It’s similar but in this case, it means inflamed tissue around your implant. So, as for the “final word” on whether you can smoke or not: You shouldn’t. We advise against it. However, sometimes it’s possible. To learn more, we encourage you to speak with us in person during a visit!

See Us For Your Specific Questions About Implants

If you think dental implants sound wonderful but you have questions about habits like smoking, then we strongly advise you to talk with us about your candidacy and more. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.