Parent Alert: Wisdom Teeth Removal Opportunities Are Near!

Hey, there, parents! In case you didn’t notice, we have now entered February, which may make you feel like there’s plenty of time before your kids have any time off from school. From our perspective, however, all that we see is that there are some student breaks coming up, which means it’s time to schedule wisdom teeth removal for your teens or young adults as soon as you possibly can! Let us remind you of good times to see our oral surgery team in Santa Rosa, CA for this procedure, in addition to why it’s a good idea!

Spring Break Will Be Here Soon

Spring break is going to be here so very soon and you just might feel upset if your miss your chance to schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal procedure. There are likely other parents with a similar idea, remember! Keep in mind as well that if you rely on spring break for this particular treatment, it means you don’t have to worry about it during the summer. If you were planning a long trip, etc. for the summer months, then this is one way to protect those plans without having to worry about oral surgery being a pressing issue (and obstacle!). Call us soon, so we may schedule a time for your son or daughter.

Summer Break Is Coming Up Quick

Yes, we realize it’s not even spring yet and here we are getting excited about summer vacation for your teens and college kids. Understandably, you feel we are seasons away from summer break and that it’s not worth considering. However, we remind you that some kids are off for the summer as early as May, so take a quick look at that academic calendar. Determine when you’d like to plan trips, when your kids will be home, and more. Then, remember to get in contact with us just as soon as you can to discuss planning wisdom teeth removal because before you know it, everyone under the sun will have the same idea!

Why Bother?

You may find yourself asking, why bother with wisdom teeth removal? Why spring break or summer? Why not in a year or two or when your kids can take care of the details themselves as mature adults? Well, this all depends on your child’s smile. If we have seen your son or daughter and have determined that third molar removal sooner than later is best, it’s because we want to protect your child’s smile, so there are no consequences down the line, only a bright future!

Bring Your Teen In For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Don’t put this one off! When you know that your teenager or young adult requires the removal of wisdom teeth, we suggest you take advantage of any upcoming break, such as spring break or summer vacation! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.