A Few Easter Reminders For Optimal Smile Protection

Yes, of course, our Rohnert Park, CA team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons loves being able to help you when you accidentally crack or dislodge a tooth or end up in need of an intensive repair for your oral health. It’s what we are here for! However, we also love being able to help you avoid any level of smile-related trauma, so instead of spending your time with us for oral surgery, you can spend your time keeping your oral health in optimal condition and just enjoying daily life! So, in honor of the upcoming Easter holiday (which poses more threats to your grin than you may realize), we have tips to keep in mind!

#1: Don’t Let Holiday Fun Sweep You Up

It’s very easy to convince yourself that since it’s a holiday, certain things “don’t count” or you are protected by the “I’ll just do it this one time!” sense that you can act a bit less responsible on holidays and that the magic of the day will save you. Instead, remember that though there may be more chocolate, family gatherings, parties, celebration, and fun, and the day might feel more special, in terms of your smile: It’s a day like any other. To keep yourself out of our oral surgery practice and instead, having a nice time, keep this detail in mind! (However, should something go wrong, remember to contact our team immediately! Sometimes things happen … we get it!).

#2: Don’t Eat The Super-Hard Stuff

Take a look at the foods available to you on Easter and make a very simple decision on behalf of your oral health, dental implants, and any other dental work you have: If anything is extremely hard to chew or bite through, just don’t eat it. (True, a chocolate egg covered in a hard candy shell will look appealing but it’s not worth the damage!).

#3: Don’t Jeopardize Current Dental Work

Once you’ve already gone through the experience of oral surgery, receiving dental implants, etc., one of the things you should remember is that said dental work is not immune to possible damage. It may feel like it is but again, don’t allow yourself to believe there’s any magic in that implant or restoration of yours! When you push it too far by eating foods that nobody should try to chew through, you fall off of your niece’s skateboard without a helmet on, etc., you can end up accidentally damaging your smile that is very easily protected! Have questions about the limits of your implants? Just ask us by giving our team a call!

Protect Your Teeth This Holiday

We would love to help you enjoy your every holiday by offering you helpful tips to keep your smile safe. Remember to call us if you ever have any questions and to visit us should you require care! Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.