From Traditional To Fixed Hybrid Dentures: What To Expect?

One day, after you’ve been wearing traditionally supported dentures for some time, you may stumble upon an amazing discovery: It’s the fixed hybrid denture! You may immediately recognize that the name of this prosthetic for tooth replacement sounds like it offers more than your current denture but you aren’t really sure what that includes. Take a stroll through what you can expect if you switch from traditional to implant-support with this treatment, as explained by our Rohnert Park, CA team!

You’ll Begin With Implant Placement!

First, remember that when you’re changing over from wearing traditional dentures to hybrid fixed dentures, this isn’t going to include simply placing the device over your natural tissue, as you are so used to doing. Instead, the journey you’re embarking on will begin with the placement of dental implants. If you’re not entirely clear on what this means, we can quickly explain: Implants are dental posts composed of biocompatible titanium (meaning, it won’t hurt your tissue and your body will not reject it). The structures will replace your roots and will be implanted as part of an oral surgery procedure. You will then recover, which will include a process called osseointegration, during which your jawbone and the posts fuse to become one.

There’s No More Removing The Device

We remind patients that unlike other dentures, a fixed hybrid denture is just what it sounds like: It’s fixed! So…what does that mean? Well, in dental care terms, fixed means that it’s permanently in place as far as your daily wear is concerned. Yes, it can be removed by our oral surgery team. However, it’s staying in place 24/7. So, you will no longer be taking a tooth replacement device in and out of your mouth but will instead feel more like you have your natural smile back.

Stability Greatly Improves!

Patients often wonder: Why make the change from a traditionally supported denture to an implant-supported denture? Why go with a fixed hybrid denture? What are the benefits here that make the change so impressive? Generally speaking, aside from the esthetic value of a prosthetic, the one major concern of those dealing with tooth loss is replacing teeth with a device that provides stability! Remember that the support for traditional prosthetics is all from your own tissues and from natural suction, which can prove to be less than impressive. When you enjoy a fixed restoration over dental implants, you experience amazing stability, plain and simple!

Consider A Fixed Hybrid Denture

Whether you’re new to tooth replacement or you have already been a wearer of traditionally supported dentures, we invite you to come in to learn more about fixed hybrid dentures! Set up a consultation soon. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.