Let’s Talk About: What Does A Dental Post Do?

You have heard us talk about dental posts before. It’s another way of describing your dental implant. However, when we say post, it’s much easier for patients to remember that we’re talking strictly about that part of the tooth replacement and not the entire thing (the post, abutment, and restoration). With that said, you may find yourself wondering about this strategically placed bit of titanium that lets you go from a missing tooth to a fully replaced tooth (from root to crown). Curious about what it actually does and more? Our Rohnert Park, CA is pleased to break down the details.

It Replaces Your Roots

Nearly every time you discuss the purpose of dental posts, as you learn about dental implants, the following detail will come the forefront: They replace your roots. Now, simply remember that your tooth has different parts to it! The portion that rests within jaw and gum tissue? Those are your roots. The exposed part that sits outside of your gum tissue and that you can see, touch, and use? That’s your crown. Implants replace your roots. Then, we rely on “restorations” to replace the crown of your tooth (which is connected to the post with something called an abutment).

It Fuses With Your Jaw Tissue

As for what the dental post does physically within your smile and how it all works, here’s what you may be missing. We’re not cementing, bonding, etc. it into place. Instead, we are inserting the dental implant within your jawbone. Once inserted into the tissue, it will go through a process that we know as osseointegration. In short, it means that as you go through healing, the post and your jaw bone tissue will fuse together. This makes for a very sturdy means of implantation and long-term use and wear.

It “Tells” Your Jaw That It Needs Support

There’s something you may not be aware of that’s going on every day when you have all of your natural teeth. When you bite down, the pressure of your roots gives your jaw tissue a message. It tells your jaw that there’s a tooth present. Of course, that means that your jaw needs nutrients, so it can stay healthy, so it can continue to support that tooth. Dental posts stand in place of your roots and continues this exchange, which helps to ensure your jaw health remains excellent, so you don’t deal with tissue loss and a need for future bone grafting.

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