When Oral Surgery May Be the Solution

Though not everyone will need oral surgery in their lives, there are several different reasons why you might. For some people, a chronic oral health condition can progress so severely that general dental care can no longer address it. For others, a congenital or other nonpreventable condition may be significantly impacting their oral health, and is severe enough to require surgical intervention. Today, we examine a few of the more common conditions in which oral surgery may be your best solution, and why.

A tooth can’t be extracted simply

Extracting a tooth is typically only recommended in severe cases when the tooth is extremely compromised, or when its position threatens the health and integrity of other oral structures. Depending on the nature of the tooth’s problem, however, simply extracting the tooth may not be an option. For example, if the tooth is impacted, such as a wisdom tooth, then oral surgery could be required to expose the entire tooth structure and remove it safely. The same procedure may be necessary if non-impacted teeth that have severe structural damage extending to their roots.

A discrepancy affects the shape of your jawbone

There are several different oral structures that contribute to your oral health and bite function along with your teeth, including the jawbone that supports them. Much like the alignment of your teeth, the size, shape, and alignment of your jawbone can impact the balance of your bite and the way it functions. In severe cases, it may also affect the overall appearance of your smile and face. Correcting such discrepancies can often be accomplished with the right corrective surgical plan, such as jawbone surgery or grafting.

A tooth root needs to be replaced

Replacing lost or extracted teeth doesn’t always require surgery, as most conventional restorations are designed to rest on top of your dental ridge. However, for many patients who experience tooth loss, dental implant-supported restorations can often offer the most advantages in rebuilding their smiles. Dental implants are designed to support a restoration the way healthy roots support natural teeth, and are placed within your jawbone where you’ve lost teeth roots. This process requires surgically placing the implant posts using advanced technology to plan their optimal placement.

Learn if oral surgery is the right solution

Depending on the nature and extent of your oral health concern, oral surgery may be the most appropriate solution for addressing it. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.