Unhappy With Loose Dentures? Learn How Implants Can Help

While a set of dentures can bring back your complete smile after advanced tooth loss, a prosthetic that is removable can lack practical support. This can lead to frustration over time. After all, your ability to bite and chew will be reduced, and you can find that changes in your jawbone over time make your appliance feel less comfortable. Our oral surgery clinic in the Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park, CA area is prepared to give you a more supportive experience with dentures. We can use dental implants to hold your restoration in place, making it more comfortable and better for your bite. Thanks to All-On-Four, it is actually possible to hold a complete denture in position with as few as four implants, reducing the amount of preparatory work required for your restored smile!

Dental Implants Offer Stability For Your Prosthetic

With the inclusion of dental implants in your prosthetic dental work, the placement of a denture can give you an impressive degree of support. Instead of depending trusting epoxies or suction to keep a restoration in position, a series of implants offer security that makes biting, chewing, and speaking more comfortable. This can allow you to broaden your diet and enjoy foods that were previously difficult for you to chew, and it can remove concerns about dentures slipping or feeling loose during the day.

Supporting A Denture With Just Four Implants

Through careful planning with digital imaging technology, we can determine the right placement of just four implants to hold a denture or larger dental bridge in place. By limiting your procedure to the inclusion of just four implants, we can shorten your recovery time and avoid the need to perform bone grafting to strengthen your jaw.

Dental Implants Can Provide More Than Just Bite Support

As you discover the benefits of including dental implants in plans to restore your complete smile, you can learn what they do to support your jaw health. After tooth loss, a person’s jaw is vulnerable to deterioration because teeth roots are no longer stimulating the bone. A loose denture, or a bridge without implant support, will not be able to replace that stimulation. This is why someone with removable dentures can begin experiencing discomfort with their appliance, as jawbone resorption affects how secure their restoration is. With dental implants in place, you can revive that stimulation, which will protect you from the loss of bone density.

Discuss The Benefits Of Implant-Held Dentures At Santa Rosa Oral Surgery!

When restoring your complete smile with dentures, we can provide functional improvements and comfort with the use of just four dental implants! Are you tired of depending on an unsecured denture, or are you ready to do something about any other issue concerning tooth loss? If so, please call Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Rohnert Park, CA, today at 707-545-4625.