Ways You May Be Putting Your Smile In Danger

Tooth surrounded with sugar unhealthy foodRoutine dental care at home is an excellent first step to maintaining a happy smile for life, but understanding what to stay away from is crucial as well. In fact, it is important to learn about the conditions that can increase your chances for tooth loss in order to best serve your grin, and the team at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA is here to help! Whether you are conscious of damage being done to your teeth or not, staying on top of your health and understanding the ways you may be putting your smile in danger is something you should know to ensure the health of your grin.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is one of the major contributors to tooth loss. When we do not brush and floss regularly, we are allowing harmful oral bacteria to thrive and grow. When this occurs, they begin to eat away at the healthy structure of a tooth and will result in cavity formation, decay and ultimately total tooth loss. Further, bacteria will harbor on the hard-to-reach portions of the mouth and create plaque. When it is not addressed, plaque will continue to grow and calcify into tartar, making it even more difficult to remove. If a tooth becomes diseased to the point it is beyond saving, you will need an extraction to preserve the health of the surrounding structures as well.

Harmful Foods and Beverages

In addition to poor hygiene, diet plays a major factor in the breakdown of teeth as well. For example, orange juice or other citrus products contain a high level of acidity, and when these come into contact with your grin consistently without preventive measures to protect them, the acid wears down the only naturally-occurring defense mechanism (enamel) protecting your smile from harm. Once enamel is gone, it cannot re-form or come back, leaving your oral structures defenseless against danger.

Additionally, sugars and sugary products actually feed the harmful bacteria thriving in your grin. When bacteria come into contact with sugar, they secrete harmful acids that cause further deterioration to a tooth, essentially indicating that sugar is a catalyst to breaking down your teeth. When this occurs and the decay has spread, the only means for preventing further harm will be extraction, and you will no longer have a full and radiant smile without the help of a dental implant and restoration. For more information about the harm that can occur from day-to-day activities, contact our team.

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