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The Difference that Dental Implants Make for Your Smile

These days, people have a several different options for rebuilding their smiles after they’ve experienced tooth loss. In most cases, the choice mainly comes down to how many teeth you’ve lost, which can determine whether you need a dental bridge, partial denture, or complete denture to replace them. However, for many patients, there’s another, more… Read more »

A Look at Smile Restoration with Dental Implants

Smile restoration is the kind of dental treatment that means different things to different people, and in some cases, can require the help of a dental health specialist. For example, if you’ve experienced tooth loss, then the most effective way to restore your smile may be to replace your lost teeth with a dental implant… Read more »

How Many Dental Implants Does Your Denture Need?

Replacing one or multiple lost teeth with a dental implant-supported restoration is often a simpler procedure than patients expect. With the help of advanced oral health technology, the treatment process is more streamlined and comfortable. Also, with more advanced dental implant planning and treatment processes, we can often create optimal support for dental restorations of… Read more »

Scheduling Bone Grafting Before Dental Implant Placement

Before a patient has their dental implant placed, they will undergo an evaluation. This review is partly intended to find the ideal placement for an implant (or multiple implants). With that said, you are also being evaluated to make sure your placement will be successful. At our Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park, CA oral surgery clinic, we… Read more »

Unhappy With Loose Dentures? Learn How Implants Can Help

While a set of dentures can bring back your complete smile after advanced tooth loss, a prosthetic that is removable can lack practical support. This can lead to frustration over time. After all, your ability to bite and chew will be reduced, and you can find that changes in your jawbone over time make your… Read more »

Important Things Dental Implants Can Restore

One of the most important goals of replacing one or more lost teeth is to restore the healthy appearance of your smile. Another is to reestablish your bite’s full ability to function properly. In many cases, traditional tooth replacement options (such as bridges and dentures) can help you accomplish both of these goals with a… Read more »

Do You Need to Prepare for Dental Implants?

Losing teeth isn’t as big of a problem these days as it used to be in the past. Not only are more people able to avoid tooth loss thanks to more advanced dental care, but recovering from tooth loss is also much more successful. This is largely thanks to the advent of dental implants, which… Read more »

Factors that Impact Your Dental Implant Placement

Restoring your smile after experiencing tooth loss is important to your long-term oral health, and in many cases, dental implants offer the most comprehensive benefits for doing so. That’s largely thanks to their ability to replace your lost teeth roots, which play several intricate roles in your oral health and bite function. However, there are… Read more »

Can a Denture Be Supported by Only Four Dental Implants?

For patients who experience complete tooth loss on their upper or lower dental ridge, a full, custom-designed implant denture is often the a lifeline to restoring their bite function, their smile’s appearance, and a large part of their overall quality of life. Yet, the extent of their tooth loss can sometimes make receiving dental implants… Read more »

A Few Things Dental Implants Can Help You Avoid

After experiencing tooth loss, you have a lot to consider about the future of your oral health. Therefore, it’s natural to overlook the long-term implications of losing one or more teeth, or what replacing them now will mean for your smile years from now. Some of the greatest advantages of dental implants involve their immediate… Read more »