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Concerned About Tooth Loss? Here’s What to Know

Tooth loss today isn’t what it used to be. More people than ever are able to prevent it, and those who experience it are able to rebuild their smiles with more lifelike results than ever before. However, the loss of a tooth is still a significant event in the course of your oral health care…. Read more »

Things that Get Worse After Tooth Loss

To some people, tooth loss seems like a cosmetic issue. The biggest impact it has on their lives might be their smile’s appearance, at least at first, which is why that’s often the biggest motivating reason to seek treatment to replace their lost teeth. However, tooth loss is a big deal for nearly every aspect… Read more »

Things Everyone Should Know About Tooth Loss

Nearly everyone knows that it’s possible to lose one or more teeth as adults. In fact, many people expect it to happen to them at some point in their futures, if it hasn’t already. However, the impression that tooth loss is always inevitable, or that there’s nothing you can do to prevent it and its… Read more »

3 Important Aspects of Tooth Loss

Your entire body is designed to optimize efficiency, so when something significant changes (like losing one or more teeth), it can have farther reaching impacts than you might expect. Tooth loss in particular is a serious problem for more reasons than patients often realize, and to rebuild your smile, we’ll strive to address all of… Read more »

Are Your Risks for Tooth Loss Higher than Usual?

To some people, tooth loss seems like the kind of thing they’re going to have to deal with at some point in their lives. They may believe the best thing they can do is try to keep their smiles healthy until then, not realizing they could be doing more to prevent having to lose and… Read more »

How Your Smile Really Responds to Tooth Loss

The effects that tooth loss has on your smile’s appearance can be significant, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how your smile actually responds to the loss. For many people, the appearance of their smiles is enough to make them want to replace their lost teeth. However, at our… Read more »

Tooth Loss – How At-Risk Are You?

Some people believe they’ll never lose a tooth because they take excellent care of their smile whey they can. Others believe they’re destined to lose one or more teeth, no matter how well they care for their smiles. The truth is that neither of them are correct. Tooth loss isn’t a natural occurrence that everyone… Read more »

Damaged And Undamaged Teeth: Frequent Extraction Questions! 

When you have a damaged tooth, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? Then, when you have an undamaged tooth that appears to be causing some serious problems for your oral health, again, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? When you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of dental extractions… Read more »

Swimming Season: Tips From Your Oral Surgeon!

We know that one of the most amazing things about summer is how freeing it feels! You’re suddenly no longer bundling up in a chunky sweater, as you sit indoors but are instead throwing on your swimsuit, jumping into the pool, and spending lots of time outdoors! While the less inhibited sensation that comes with… Read more »

Non-Obvious Effects of Losing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the visual impacts it can have on your smile can be significant. Because your smile is such a dominant factor in your appearance, and confidence, that impact can seem like the most important aspect of tooth loss. However, there are also several not-so-obvious effects of tooth loss that can have… Read more »