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Why You Shouldn’t Take Tooth Loss Lightly

When it comes to your smile, it’s okay to be biased. If your smile isn’t perfect, wanting it to be is a natural desire. When it comes to losing teeth, few people would consider the loss a trivial matter. Those that take a laissez-faire attitude about tooth loss often don’t realize the consequences of ignoring… Read more »

What is Oral-Systemic Health?

Hopefully, you understand that prevention is the best method to protecting your oral health. Most dental diseases are progressive, meaning they only grow worse once they develop until you actively stop them and treat the damage they’ve caused. However, not many people realize that preventing (or failing to prevent) the onset of dental disease can… Read more »

Strong Foundations for Dental Implant Placement

It’s hard to say what the worst thing about tooth loss is. On one hand, the gaps in your teeth can be unsightly and diminish your confidence, while on the other hand untreated tooth loss can lead to the deterioration of your smile’s foundation. Luckily, dental implants can help stave off the destruction of your… Read more »

Need an Extraction? Don’t Worry; It Can Help

Worried that you may need an extraction? Many patients require extractions at one point or another. While they may sound scary, they’re actually relatively simple procedures that can help leave you feeling more comfortable and confident with your smile. So, whether you’re tired of dealing with dental pain and want to find out, for sure,… Read more »

When It’s Too Late For Root Canal Treatment

Are you extremely concerned about your smile because you recently suffered a tooth infection, which resulted in a dental extraction? The bad news is that sometimes root canal therapy simply cannot save an infected tooth. The good news is that the problematic tooth is now out of your smile, so it can no longer cause… Read more »

Health Benefits Of Dental Implants

Has the idea of filling the open spaces in your smile with dental implants crossed your mind? Perhaps the simple advantage of replacing your entire tooth (from the root to the crown) is enough to send you reeling with excitement. On a deeper level, however, you may find yourself wondering if – and how –… Read more »

Surprising Facts About Tooth Loss

We often find that patients dealing with tooth loss visit us with a mind full of misinformation. In some cases, patients simply feel isolated as though they’re the only individuals in the world dealing with a missing tooth (which is simply not true). In other cases, patients feel excited about tooth replacement options like dental… Read more »

Traditional Vs. Implant-Retained

As you make your way through the information regarding dental prosthetics, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the jargon. Even more frustrating? Once you learn each type of teeth replacement solution to fill the open spaces in your smile, you may discover that you may choose between traditional or implant-retained prosthetics. Fortunately, whether you select… Read more »

Sports Injuries: Addressing Trauma

As you prepare to participate in your favorite sport, the last thing on your mind may be protecting your smile and avoiding injuries. You’re most likely more focused on prepping your strategy for the game and making sure your muscles are stretched and ready to go. Of course, a sprained ankle or pulled hamstring may… Read more »

Tooth Loss: A Quiz

How much do you know about tooth loss? Are you familiar with the variety of contributing factors that may result in the loss of one or multiple teeth? Have you already researched dental implant candidacy to determine whether you qualify to replace your entire tooth, from the roots up? If you feel you know all there… Read more »