General Extractions


Name: Patty
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

Wonderful experience. Absolutely wonderful. I will be coming back again for another oral extraction. This time I will have no hibbie jibbies. I would highly recommend anyone who needs extraction or any oral work done to come in to this oral surgery center.


Name: Michelle
Procedure: Mother of General Extraction Patient

Having my second son come in to need of having extractions as well, we of course contacted Santa Rosa Oral Surgery again and of course had a great experience again and had my younger son’s teeth extracted which was again a great experience.


Name: Ethan & Jessica
Procedure: General Extraction Patient & Mother

They were very friendly, put my mind at ease taking my three year old to get a tooth extraction was a little bit nerve wracking. He made me very comfortable and he was very friendly and nice. The staff made it very comfortable.


Name: Diane
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

I’ve had a history of multiple dental problems, good experiences, bad experiences, extractions, surgery, root canal. I feel like I kind of judge practices as best as I can as a nurse and he passed everything A+ in my book.


Name: Bob
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

Everybody is professional, funny, friendly, puts you right at ease. Dr. Daniel one of the better dentists I’ve ever come in contact with. Took away the nervousness you know because everybody is scared coming in having a teeth pulled.


Name: Aidan
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

I feel fine and I can finally eat without having to worry about any baby teeth. The staff treated me very, very well. They were great. They were very nice. It seemed like they really heard. If I have friends in Santa Rosa, Windsor I would recommend them to go to Dr. Tyko. He is the best.


Name: David
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

Both my daughter and I had a great experience with him having it removed. Even the aftercare was wonderful and the staff is great. I have lived in Sebastopol for several years and in the area of Sonoma County all my life.


Name: Newton
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

I developed cancer in my mouth, my gums, my tongue, my head, my throat. They used chemo to the maximum and in doing so they destroyed my teeth, destroyed the roots of my teeth so that later my teeth would just literally break off at the gum. So I was seeing my normal dentist about this problem and he said they will after all be removed and he recommended Dr. Daniel to deal with it. Dr. Daniel was very professional, put me at ease very quickly, very professional office.


Wisdom Teeth


Name: Dana
Procedure: Mother of Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

I will a hundred percent recommend all of my friends in Santa Rosa, Windsor, Rohnert Park if you or your child needs wisdom teeth extraction, you need to see Dr. Tyko and his staff here at Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery. They are amazing.


Name: Katie
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

It was just a great experience. I went in, was really nervous about the IV and everything. He just made me super comfortable, made sure that I felt good. That everyone was just super friendly. When I did go under for the surgery, I was so calm and they made me feel right at home.


Name: Devin
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

I was really nervous coming in. I don’t really like anything getting poked around my mouth especially getting teeth pulled and I really don’t like the words surgery at all. They made it really easy.


Name: Jeanette
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

The staff here is very friendly. They made me feel very comfortable. I even brought in my kids. They welcomed my kids. My interactions with Dr. Trent were great. He answered all my questions fully from my consultation, procedure up to my follow up appointment


Name: Ken
Procedure: Father of Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

The pre-op, they bring you in, they explain everything, even have a little video for you to watch. Luckily everything went very smoothly for Adam and Dr. Tyko followed up with us and we were just very pleased with the whole process. Dr. Tyko, totally professional and made sure everything was done just right.


Name: Becky
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

I spoke to Dr. Daniel he thought everything will be fine. They felt very confident and that made me feel very confident and I was able to move forward without too much terror in my bloodstream. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.


Name: Michelle
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient & Mother of Patient

Both my daughter and I had a great experience with him having it removed. Even the aftercare was wonderful and the staff is great. I have lived in Sebastopol for several years and in the area of Sonoma County all my life.


Name: GiGi
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal & Gum Surgery Patient

He made sure I was healthy through the surgery process. Through the recovery process they were always there if I needed to talk to them with something going wrong. With the help of them I was able to have a perfect mouth.


Name: Carol
Procedure: Mother of Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

A couple of days later my son was up and back ready to go and have a taco. Our office, we refer all the kids that need to have oral surgery needs over to this office. We have a great rapport with them. We know that they are going to be taking care of him and I knew that he would be taken care of.


Name: Abby
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

Dr. Tyko was outstanding. He was very confident about what he was doing and made sure that I didn’t have any worries or doubts about him at all. My recovery time was outstanding. I got back on my feet within two days.




Name: Susie
Procedure: All-On-Four Patient

I was determined to at least try it so we did it and I am totally happy with the results. It couldn’t have been better. Dr. Daniel put me at ease through the whole procedure. They were the most wonderful staff to work with. They take care of you.


Dental Implant


Name: Cary
Procedure: Dental Implant Patient

I would characterize him as highly professional. He projected confidence. Made me feel confident, made me feel comfortable that he was going to do an excellent job. The recovery was very good. I was given antibiotics and some pain medications which I didn’t use so the recovery was quick.


Name: Tami
Procedure: Dental Implant Patient

I feel very comfortable because like I said, I could call if I had any questions they will allow me to come in. If I was to refer anybody from Santa Rosa to Petaluma, Rohnert Park even as far as Healdsburg, I would definitely recommend looking up Dr. Tyko and using him as your oral surgeon.


Name: Sean
Procedure: Dental Implant Patient

I’ve never had a tooth pulled before. When I came in and I had the initial tooth pulled. I did require a bone graft. Then I will be able to come back to finish my implant. I have an appointment next week to come in and get the stem put in. I feel very comfortable because like I said, I could call if I had any questions they will allow me to come in.