Treat Problems Rather Than Mask Them!

Have you ever heard someone mention “masking the symptoms” when it comes to an illness or oral health problem? Are you aware of the difference between making symptoms, so they temporarily go away, versus treating the source of the problem, so it permanently goes away? This can become confusing, can make it challenging to make choices for yourself, and can even lead to complications! Become more familiar regarding this discrepancy, so you may more easily protect your smile and your entire system!


How Do I Know: Which Type Of Bone Grafting Do I Need?

When you know that your jaw is not prepared for dental implants or you are simply in need of care for damage, you are likely overjoyed to learn that bone grafting can help. You also know that this is a way of repairing the damage, so you have jaw tissue that is full, strong, and healthy once more. What you may be confused about, though, is how to figure out what type of grafting you need. Let’s head through some basic details, so you begin to see the future of your experience much more clearly.


Getting The Comfortable Help You Deserve

How do you feel about coming in to see our oral surgeon team? How do you feel about treatments that you need? Do you notice that even when you feel comfortable on an intellectual level about our team, what your smile needs, and your oral care path, you still have a serious amount of hesitation? Not to worry: Your nervous system might hop into overdrive when exposed to certain stimuli. If dental care happens to be a catalyst, an otherwise easy visit can turn into something that causes you to feel uneasy or down right scared. We get it. We also go above and beyond to offer you help becoming completely comfortable with the assistance of dental sedation.


Quiz: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Wisdom Teeth

You may want to pretend like your wisdom teeth do not exist so you don’t have to deal with them. Unfortunately, if what you need is wisdom teeth removal but you’re doing everything you can to avoid the situation, you may be promoting a much more complex and inconvenient experience down the line. Why pay attention now and consider extractions if you require them? Use our quiz to answer basic questions.


3 Good Things To Ask Your Oral Surgeon

You might be filled to the brim with questions for your oral surgeon. However, that doesn’t mean we will hear a peep from you during your next visit (even though we would much prefer that you ask your questions). So, how to help you feel much more confident about asking all about whatever is on your mind? To get started, we have some suggestions regarding a few questions to ask. You will find that likely anything you’re curious about is fair game!


Antibiotics: 3 Things To Remember

Depending on who you see and the type of health or oral health concern you’re dealing with, you may find yourself back home having filled a prescription for antibiotics. While this type of medication can provide you with powerful and effective results, it is not without issues like side effects and even over-prescribing and over-use. Learn a bit more about how to safely navigate these waters!


Sedation: Making Decisions For You!

Especially if you have just begun scratching the surface of the oral and maxillofacial surgery experience, then you may feel like every single thing you’re learning is brand new! One of the details that may have recently come your way is the fact that you can expect dental sedation when you’re receiving care from our practice. “But how do you decide which one is best for me?” you may be wondering to yourself. Fortunately, making our way through this choice is collaborative and simple to understand.


Get Smart About Implant Terminology

Get Smart About Implant TerminologyIf you aren’t in a dentist or oral surgeon’s office regulary, you may not know the specialized language of dental implant terminology. Maybe you know your brother-in-law got some “things” that holds his denture firmly in place. Maybe you’ve heard your sister’s story about how her implant grew into her jawbone, and now her new tooth looks great. If words like abutment and osseointegration don’t roll easily off your tongue, it’s time to get smarter about dental implant terminology. (more…)

Oral Pathology: Could It Happen To Me?

Oral Pathology is a scary term to encounter. It sounds pretty serious, and definitely like something you’d want to avoid. Oral pathology covers diseases and conditions that develop in your mouth. While most oral pathologies are not life-threatening, they all need to be checked out by a dentist and many are referred to an oral surgeon for care. Oral pathology includes lumps, bumps, sores, cysts and anything unusual that develops in your mouth. This can happen to anyone, so let your dentist know immediately if you notice something new. (more…)

Happy Holidays From Us To You!

We are so thrilled to provide you and your loved ones with the smile care and oral surgery you need. Our team hopes you have the lovelies of holidays and that you sit back, relax, and enjoy your time during this very merry season. Of course, your oral surgeon would also like to pass along some suggestions for the New Year and beyond to help you promote your healthiest smile.