When You’re Not Afraid Of Implants But Something Else!

You may find that even the mention of dental implants results in a sudden jolt of mixed emotions. You’ve been thinking about them for your smile and you are thrilled with the advantages and solutions they will most certainly provide for you. You can’t actually think of anything about them that you don’t like. However, there’s still something that’s making you feel too uneasy to feel comfortable moving ahead with solidified plans to replace teeth. Are your instincts telling you to make a different choice? Is it something else? Our Rohnert Park, CA team is ready to help you out!


Change Your Life Today: Consider Implants!

There are ways to make changes to your life in an instant that you can put into practice. For instance, if you want to know you’re protecting your smile, you get serious about brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting your dentist. However, what do you do when you realize you want to completely improve your life by replacing missing teeth? As you know, you cannot simply stroll into a store, pick up a tooth replacement, and head home with it. What you can do, however, is consider dental implants and immediately begin putting a plan into motion that will guide you toward your goal’s finish line! Learn more from our Santa Rosa, CA team!


Need a Tooth Extracted? Here’s Why

Not every reason for tooth extraction is preventable, and when it is, the condition often progresses well before the person realizes that they’re tooth is in such trouble. However, once tooth extraction does become necessary, there are few or no options left for protecting the rest of your smile. At our Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgery office, we only recommend extracting a tooth in situations when complex damage or infection, or an impacted position, has left us with no other option for restoring it. (more…)

How Much Do You Know About Wisdom Teeth?

The last four teeth to grow on your dental ridge, known as wisdom teeth, are technically your third set of permanent molars. For most people, however, two sets are enough, and there is often little room left on their dental ridges to accommodate more. This often leads to problems with the growth and development of wisdom teeth, and the need to extract one or more of them due to severe discomfort. At our Santa Rosa, CA, dental office, we can help you find relief from that discomfort by carefully extracting impacted wisdom teeth, or removing them before they even have a chance to become problematic. (more…)

Non-Obvious Effects of Losing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the visual impacts it can have on your smile can be significant. Because your smile is such a dominant factor in your appearance, and confidence, that impact can seem like the most important aspect of tooth loss. However, there are also several not-so-obvious effects of tooth loss that can have an increasingly more severe impact on your long-term oral health. At our Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgery office, we can help you avoid those consequences by replacing your lost teeth with one or more highly lifelike, biocompatible dental implants. (more…)

3 Things You Don’t Realize Implants Protect

When you consider the ways that dental implants protect you, it’s likely that you think about it in terms of your smile. How do they protect your ability to maintain your oral health, to eat the foods you enjoy, to feel as though you look like yourself, and more? However, you may not spend a lot of time thinking outside of that, which is just what our Santa Rosa, CA team would like to focus on today! Expand your horizons as you realize implant benefits reach far and wide!


Your Dental Implants: What To Do About Cold Feet

Yes! The time has finally come for the next step in your experience with dental implants. Maybe it’s just your initial consultation with us but you feel as though it’s been a long time coming. Perhaps your placement date is steadily approaching, which means it’s really going to happen! You’re going to wave a smile-filled goodbye to tooth loss and hello to your new life with a smile that’s complete and healthy. That is, until you find that you’re getting cold feet and the urge to run in the opposite direction is palpable. What to do? Well, since our Santa Rosa, CA team encounters patients every day going through a similar experience, we can help you!


Why You Still Have Your Wisdom Teeth

Perhaps you have been wondering why you still have your wisdom teeth. Why didn’t anyone ever tell you to have them taken out? Why didn’t you ever agree to have them taken out? Or, why didn’t your parents have them removed when you were a teenager like many of your friends? This is one of those topics that can cause a bit of confusion and that can cause individuals to assume wisdom teeth removal is probably one of those things that nobody really needs. Our Santa Rosa, CA practice would love to help clear away any skepticism and help set you on a path toward better understanding the details!


When To Schedule An Oral Pathology Visit

What is oral pathology, why does it have to sound so scary, and when might you need it, you wonder? First, our Santa Rosa, CA team is happy to explain that this area of dental care includes the research, diagnoses, and treatment of changes with your oral health that are not considered normal. While we understand that it sounds quite clinical and not so pleasant, it’s actually a wonderful service to have within reach. When anything changes within your mouth, you can call us up, tell us about the symptom, and come in. You’ll know what’s happening and will feel confident about how to revive your oral health within no time! Now, about some common reasons to call…


Remember These Things Before Your Tooth Extraction

Before you receive a tooth extraction, you may go through a whole host of emotions but you may realize that none of the things passing through your mind are very good. Our Santa Rosa, CA team would love to help change that. We recognize that there can be a bit of disappointment that comes with having to lose a tooth but there are so many good things to remember as you move toward solving the problem! Keep them in mind and let those pessimistic thoughts go and something magical will happen: You’ll start focusing solely on restoring your smile and you’ll feel so much better about the details!