3 Things You Shouldn’t Rush

Particularly in the busy times in which we all live, taking the time to slow down can feel extremely difficult. This is often just as true in our daily schedules as it is with our own dental care. For instance, do you feel the pressure to choose dental implants as soon as possible? Or, are you taking the time to decide whether they will work for you? We would like you to consider a few times when you should relax and take the time you need as a means of protecting your smile.


Dental Implants: Don’t Forget The Cosmetic Benefits

It’s easy to become so caught up with the technical details of dental implants that you completely lose sight of the way they are going to make your smile look. Yes, of course, they will give you your daily functional abilities back, such as eating and speaking. They might even make your dental hygiene more effective, since you won’t be battling food getting caught in open spaces. However, for a quick break from details regarding placement, vocab, and more, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of those cosmetic details you will get to enjoy.


Oral Pathology: Our Priorities For Your Experience

We know that a change in your mouth can lead to some amount of anxiety. One day, there’s nothing unusual happening. The next day, you see a bump or irritation and you don’t know what to do or how much to worry. If we have anything to say about it, you don’t worry at all and you schedule an oral pathology visit immediately. That way, we can see if you require care and offer treatment right away. As for helping you feel calm and confident about coming in, we would like to share our top priorities with you!


Periodontal Problems Quiz: How To Spot Them?

Do you feel completely confident in your abilities to protect your dental implants from the effects of periodontal problems? Are you an expert at spotting the earliest signs of changes to your gum tissue? If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, then chances are good that you may need a quick refresher to help you maintain excellent gum health and protected implants. Take a moment to work your way through a brief quiz for the information you need.


Extractions: More Common Than You Might Think

You may feel like one of very few people who has received a suggestion for a general extraction. We know this because when we recommend tooth removal to our patients, we are often met with a look of shock! While we can certainly empathize with your initial reaction, we do like to offer up some helpful advice: Rest easy. This is a very common procedure that offers beneficial results for your oral health in a variety of ways. Curious about the different issues that require extractions? Let us offer some new insight!


3 Ways To Avoid Worrying About Your Smile

Not feeling very interested in worrying about your smile? Do you find that though you are completely uninterested in such a habit, you end up doing a lot of it anyway? Don’t fret! We understand and can help you with some very simple advice that will allow you to feel confident about your oral health. You will soon find that concerns about dental implants, oral surgery, and more can dissolve with an easy approach.


The Deal With Dry Mouth

The Deal With Dry MouthDry mouth is medically known as xerostomia. It is a condition where a person’s mouth produces very little saliva. Since saliva is the body’s way of rinsing away bacteria, having very little rinsing can become a problem. Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of reasons: medication, autoimmune diseases, advanced age, hormonal changes, or lifestyle factors. Lifestyle choices that can cause dry mouth are smoking, alcohol use, or excessive consumption of caffeine. Dry mouth can cause an overpopulation of bacteria in the mouth because saliva is not present to rinse it all away. An overpopulation of bacteria can cause issues for your teeth and gums.  (more…)

The Cost Of Not Replacing A Tooth

The Cost Of Not Replacing A ToothLosing a tooth as an adult is usually not very fun. It does not come with a Tooth Fairy visit. With the exception of wisdom teeth extraction, losing a tooth as an adult usually comes as a result of some sort of negativity. Negativity such as severe damage or infection. When a tooth is missing from the front or visible part of the mouth, you may feel rushed to replace it for cosmetic reasons. But do you know why it is just as important to replace a tooth even if it is a spot even you cannot see? (more…)

Why Do I Need A Sinus Lift?

Why Do I Need A Sinus Lift?A tooth and its roots provide stimulation to your jawbone. When a tooth is extracted or removed from your mouth, it no longer stimulates the bone tissue. Without that stimulation, your body will demineralize the bone (also known as bone resorption). The jaw bone will soften creating a loose foundation for the teeth remaining in your mouth. On the upper part of your jaw, the softening of the bone can cause the floor of your maxillary sinus to sink. Think of the foundation of your house beginning to soften; the floor would begin to drop. A dental implant can stop bone resorption. If the sinus has overcrowded the upper jaw, the sinus lift may be needed to make room for the implant.  (more…)

Implants: The Different Parts Of Your Decision

If you don’t feel like you can quickly decide on dental implants, don’t worry: There’s nothing wrong with you! It’s important to remember that choosing implants for yourself is a multi-faceted experience. It’s not like deciding which outfit to purchase for a special event or which type of ice cream you want for dessert. There’s a lot that goes into the final choice! To help you feel better about taking the time to reflect and to gather all necessary details, we would like to walk you through the different parts of the decision.