Why Third Molars Often Become Problems

What many people most commonly know as wisdom teeth are actually their third set of molars – the permanent teeth that develop and erupt at the ends of your dental ridges. Following the development of your second set of permanent molars, wisdom teeth usually begin to erupt by the age of 18. For many people, this signals the start of potentially serious wisdom tooth trouble, such as the impaction of the molars within the jawbone before they have a chance to erupt. At our Rohnert Park, CA, office, we can carefully remove impacted wisdom teeth through conservative oral surgery, helping you eliminate the source of your problems and restore your good oral health. (more…)

Tooth Loss – How At-Risk Are You?

Some people believe they’ll never lose a tooth because they take excellent care of their smile whey they can. Others believe they’re destined to lose one or more teeth, no matter how well they care for their smiles. The truth is that neither of them are correct. Tooth loss isn’t a natural occurrence that everyone must experience. It can be prevented, but it takes consistently good dental hygiene and dental care. At our Santa Rosa, CA, office, we can help you understand your specific tooth loss risks and mitigate them to reduce your chances of ever needing a tooth replacement. (more…)

Dental Implants: 4 Problems With Ignoring Smile Care 

When you have dental implants in place, which means you also have restorations replacing the crowns of missing teeth, you may suddenly get the idea that you don’t need to worry about smile care anymore. Sure, you should do something in order to maintain fresh breath. However, you ask yourself: Why bother with brushing and flossing artificial material that cannot become decayed or infected or damaged by bacteria anyway? Is there any use? The answer, of course, is yes! It is absolutely essential that you continue your attention to preventive dental care and more. Consider problems that may develop without it for a clearer understanding.


Are You Putting Your Implants In Danger?

You know that there’s such a thing as dental implant success. Generally speaking, implants have an extremely high rate of success, so the potential for having a good experience with them is quite high! However, you also know that on the other end of the spectrum, there’s something called implant failure. You don’t like thinking about this, of course, but you are aware that with this in mind, there must be certain things that can place your implants in danger (and you’d really love to avoid them). Let our Rohnert Park, CA offer you some of the major culprits, so you may steer clear of them, as you keep your smile in amazing condition!


What Really Goes Into Considering Implants? 

The consideration that you put into potentially making dental implants your prosthetic for replacing missing teeth? It’s truly something! Generally speaking, you don’t simply saunter into an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice and announce that you’re ready for implants, no questions asked. With that said, you may wonder what really goes into the process of consideration. Is it all about applying logic to what will work for you? What are other patients going through? As always, our Rohnert Park, CA team is on your side and is ready to help, so you feel empowered!


Why Seemingly Healthy Teeth Break 

Here you are, heading to our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. One day, your smile was complete and all teeth seemingly in amazing health! The next? You end up breaking teeth and requiring extractions and dental implants to replace them. You may find that you have no idea how this could have happened. To help you better understand that things aren’t always as they appear (and that sometimes, accidents just happen, which is one of the reasons we are here!), we offer you insight.


Simple Ways To Recognize: You’re Interested In Implants!

You may know that dental implants are a cool, advanced, unique option for your smile if you don’t have all of your teeth. However, it may not necessarily have occurred to you just yet that you’re actually very interested in implants and discovering more about them. We remind you that when you’re even thinking about adding them to your list of possibilities for smile completion, it’s always worth simply checking them out with our Rohnert Park, CA team! So, ask yourself: Would you like to get to know this type of tooth replacement a bit better? If so, let us know and come in very soon! If you’re still not sure…we can help.


Damaged And Undamaged Teeth: Frequent Extraction Questions! 

When you have a damaged tooth, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? Then, when you have an undamaged tooth that appears to be causing some serious problems for your oral health, again, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? When you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of dental extractions but you’re aware that the continued presence of your tooth in your smile just won’t do, it may leave you uncertain about what the future holds. Gain some peace of mind, as our Santa Rosa, CA team lays out the details of tooth removal, so you feel better about what you can expect.


Three Types Of Concerns That Implants Put To Rest

There are, of course, many types of worries that may come your way when you experience tooth loss. Then, when you replace missing teeth with traditional prosthetics, you may find that a new set of concerns arrives, which can end up having an impact on your daily life (and may cause you to stress about the future). When our Santa Rosa, CA team discusses your decision to consider dental implants, we like to highlight some of those worries and how implants can completely put them to rest! Interested in learning more? Schedule time to speak with us!


I’ve Been Referred To Your Oral Surgery Practice…Now What?

So, your dentist informs you that you require an oral surgeon and suggests you visit our Santa Rosa, CA practice. You have our name and you know you should contact us but as for the details, that’s about all you really know. This leaves you wondering: Now what? How do you follow through, what can you expect from our team, and how can you fix what’s currently wrong with your oral health? While you may feel just a bit lost at the moment, we can quickly help you find your footing by offering essential information that makes seeing us super simple!