Get Smart About Implant Terminology

Get Smart About Implant TerminologyIf you aren’t in a dentist or oral surgeon’s office regulary, you may not know the specialized language of dental implant terminology. Maybe you know your brother-in-law got some “things” that holds his denture firmly in place. Maybe you’ve heard your sister’s story about how her implant grew into her jawbone, and now her new tooth looks great. If words like abutment and osseointegration don’t roll easily off your tongue, it’s time to get smarter about dental implant terminology. (more…)

Oral Pathology: Could It Happen To Me?

Oral Pathology is a scary term to encounter. It sounds pretty serious, and definitely like something you’d want to avoid. Oral pathology covers diseases and conditions that develop in your mouth. While most oral pathologies are not life-threatening, they all need to be checked out by a dentist and many are referred to an oral surgeon for care. Oral pathology includes lumps, bumps, sores, cysts and anything unusual that develops in your mouth. This can happen to anyone, so let your dentist know immediately if you notice something new. (more…)

Happy Holidays From Us To You!

We are so thrilled to provide you and your loved ones with the smile care and oral surgery you need. Our team hopes you have the lovelies of holidays and that you sit back, relax, and enjoy your time during this very merry season. Of course, your oral surgeon would also like to pass along some suggestions for the New Year and beyond to help you promote your healthiest smile.


Dental Implants And Coffee: Potential Downsides

You may have heard that coffee drinkers who drink several cups daily may be doing something beneficial for their smiles. All of those antioxidants may have the ability to help you avoid problems like oral cancer. However, as you may have also guessed, there’s more to this than meets the eye. You’ve always heard that coffee isn’t very good for your smile, so you wonder about drinking it with dental implants in place. Let’s talk about how to manage this beloved drink!


Dental Implants: When You Feel Overwhelmed

When you just close your eyes and imagine your smile in the future with dental implants in it, you grin a little bit to yourself. This is a wonderful decision you’re making, to replace teeth with implants! Good for you! Then, you open your eyes, and as you begin the process, you may have moments when you start to feel a little overwhelmed. Here’s what we have to say about that: You are perfectly normal and we are here to help you through it. (And, as a matter of fact, you really are making a fantastic decision!).


Holiday Travel Tips From Your Oral Surgeon

When you plan on heading out for your holiday traveling, you may want to take just a moment to gather your thoughts. In addition to all of the other details and arrangements you need to make, you will also need to remember to prepare for your oral health while you’re away. How to do that, exactly, so your smile stays in one piece and comfortable condition? Follow some of your oral surgeon’s tips, of course!


Is An Oral Surgeon Only For Diseased Smiles?

You may find yourself suddenly wondering if there’s more than one type of person who may require help from an oral surgeon. Is it always the case that a patient need this specialized care due to hygiene-related problems? Is it always about functional issues? Are there other reasons oral surgery becomes necessary? Consider some ways surgery may benefit patients, so you have a stronger understanding.


Pain Near Implants: What Do I Do?

If you experience pain at the site of your dental implant or near it, you may go from calm to a bit horrified within 60 seconds! You may also find yourself frantically attempting to sort out the details of why you’re experiencing discomfort, if it means something “bad,” and what you can do to make it go away. We strongly suggest, of course, that you take a moment to relax. Realize that it might be nothing (but if it is, we can help). Then, pick up the phone and dial our number! Of course, a few more suggestions can’t hurt.


Sedation: 3 Things You Should Remember

There are some things in regard to sedation for your smile that we encourage you to remember. Though the full list would be quite lengthy, we’d like to focus today on some reminders associated with your feelings of uncertainty or embarrassment as you’re learning more about anesthesia. So, let’s help you feel wonderful about discovering more, asking questions, and becoming much more comfortable with the topic.