Getting Cold Feet: 3 Tips To Keep On Hand

Yes, we definitely understand that as much as you may feel extremely happy about completing your smile, there may still be the tiniest part of your brain that is competing with the rest of your thoughts. You want to move forward, you’ve got everything planned out, and you’re excited, yet a teeny bit of anxiety gnaws at you, causing you to worry: Am I getting cold feet? What if I panic last minute and decide I am not going to go through with dental implant placement? Then what will I do? Again, we get it! This is not your everyday quick decision. However, we also remind you that nerves are a funny thing and can certainly place confusion where it need not reside. Our Rohnert Park, CA team’s tips will give you the quick relief you need.


Bad Breath And Dental Implants: 3 Things To Consider

When bad breath shows up, it’s disheartening enough just to have to admit that your brushing and flossing aren’t getting the issue to go away. Add to the list the fact that you also wear dental implants and are feeling extra worried because you don’t want this to mean anything bad for your tooth replacements and you can really upset yourself! Fortunately, there is absolutely no reason to become overly concerned. Instead, our Rohnert Park, CA practice wants you to recognize that if your yucky breath isn’t going away, there are reasons (and we can help you identify and treat them). So, consider some new information!


Wisdom Teeth: Why Might They Cause Pain?

You might understand in a “big picture” sense that wisdom teeth should come out in many cases because they can cause problems. You may already be aware of the fact that they’re not necessary for your oral health in any way but that they do have a tendency to fail to grow in successfully. What you might not be so clear about, our Santa Rosa, CA team realizes, is why they may end up causing pain. Of course, when you choose to have them extracted as early as possible, you can typically avoid serious discomfort. However, as for the reasons behind aches and pain associated with your third molars, we can explain.


Your Curiosity About Implants: How Things Fit

Do you notice that the main focus of the questions you’ve been coming up with recently in regard to dental implants has a lot to do with fit? Perhaps you have been wondering how implants fit within your jawbone to correctly support a straight and complete smile. Maybe you’ve been feeling curious about how long your implant-supported crown, denture, etc. will continue to fit because you have heard that after tooth loss, smiles can change. Our Santa Rosa, CA team can easily answer this for you and will be happy to offer even more information when we see you next.


Why Everyone Asks You: Are You Going To Get Implants?

When you’ve been talking with friends and family around you about your time dealing with tooth loss and the fact that you’re going to do something about it, you may find that a very common question is: Are you going to get dental implants? You may find this surprising. Why are so many people asking about this one particular avenue toward replacing the teeth you have gone without, you wonder? When you consider it from an outsider’s perspective, you may quickly realize it’s because it’s often what everyone considers the “gold standard” when it comes to getting your smile back into lovely and complete condition. So…why is this the way implants are viewed, you’re still wondering? Our Rohnert Park, CA team can quickly help you better understand!


Scheduling Your Tooth Extraction: 3 Extraordinary Advantages

While the obvious approach to taking care of your need for a tooth extraction is to call us to schedule it, you may be doing anything but following through with this task! Understandably, you may have some other things you’d rather be scheduling for yourself. However, our Santa Rosa, CA team thinks you may feel much more confident if you simply consider a few extraordinary advantages of going ahead with picking up the phone, contacting our practice, and setting the date for your oral surgery treatment.


Teen Talk In The New Year!

When the new year begins and you have a family, there’s a lot to consider! If your family includes teenagers who may require oral surgery, then this can mean lots of planning, sorting through details, and more. How to make sure that you are making the best use of 2019 before the year is nearly through and you look back wondering where the time went? Our Rohnert Park, CA team happens to know a thing or two about maximizing your time when you have your teens’ oral health needs on your mind. Let’s sort through important factors to begin considering right away for an easy year!


Dental Implants And Your Online Presence: Things To Think About

Of course, as you figure out what to do regarding your tooth loss, your primary thought usually includes your real, daily life. However, in today’s world, there’s something else that has become quite a serious representation of who we are as individuals: Our online presence! If this is a serious concern for you, then your worries about missing teeth extends beyond who you happen to run into when you’re out and about or the colleagues you see every day. You may become concerned about how this will affect selfies, profiles, and more. Explore this idea with our Santa Rosa, CA team to learn more about how replacing those teeth with dental implants may solve your problem.


2 Common Reasons for Jawbone Erosion

The visible effects of things like gum disease and tooth loss are often serious enough, but there are often considerations that aren’t immediately noticeable. For example, in cases of severe oral health issues, one of the common effects is jawbone erosion, or the loss of your jawbone’s mass and density. Patients in Santa Rosa, CA, who experience jawbone erosion often require jawbone grafting to strengthen it before replacing lost their teeth. However, we’ll first perform a comprehensive examination to determine the specific cause of your jawbone erosion and ensure that it is effectively addressed. (more…)

Important Benefits of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Despite the fact that humans mostly no longer need a third set of permanent molars, many of us still develop them. As a result, these molars (often referred to as wisdom teeth) can lead to several complications, most of which occur due to a lack of adequate room along the dental ridges. At Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgery office, we often help patients enjoy better oral health and a higher quality of life by extracting impacted wisdom teeth and preventing them from causing more damage. (more…)