Are Dental Implants a Necessity?

When you lose a tooth, or several of them, you might realize that replacing them is necessary to restore your bite’s function, not to mention your smile’s healthy, youthful appearance. However, you might not realize the necessity of securing your replacement teeth to an appropriate number of dental implants. Because your teeth consist of more than just the crowns that reside above your gums, prosthetics that only replace these crowns cannot fully restore your lost tooth/teeth’s functions. The point of dental implants is to provide the stability that your dental crown, partial denture, or full denture will need to more closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth.

What a Tooth Consists Of

Underneath your gum tissues, the root of a tooth extends into your jawbone, anchored into a socket and held in place with the help of strong periodontal tissues. The root’s purpose is two-fold; to supply the tooth’s nerves and tissues with nutrients, and to stabilize the tooth as it’s exposed to the pressures of biting and chewing.

What Dental Implants Provide

When a tooth root is lost and the socket in your jawbone is left empty, the bone becomes reabsorbed so that your body can utilize its minerals and nutrients elsewhere. Over time, the lack of a root to stimulate the jaw can lead to bone degradation, which in turn can lead to further tooth loss. In addition to stabilizing your dental crown or denture, dental implants also provide the stimulation that your jawbone thrives on, thereby helping it maintain a healthy supply of nutrition.

Tailoring Implant Placement to Your Needs

Each dental implant is created as a single post. The number of implants you require will depend on several factors, including how many teeth you’ve lost and how large your prosthesis is. For instance, a single dental implant capped with a crown can be utilized to replace a single lost tooth. If you require a partial denture or complete denture, we can recommend the optimal number of implants after evaluating the state of your jaw and oral health.


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