Correcting Jaw Balance with Orthognathic Surgery

The significance of balance is paramount throughout many aspects of your dental health. If your teeth are not straight, then they can cause problems with your whole bite’s alignment, which in turn can lead to a host of subsequent issues, like tooth damage. If your jaw is out of alignment, then the consequences can be more pronounced and more serious than crooked teeth. If not treated, you may require orthognathic surgery to correct your jaw’s symmetry and improve your smile’s function and appearance.

What is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is essentially corrective jaw surgery. Depending on the case, it may mean fixing an issue that disrupts your bite’s symmetry, correcting abnormalities resulting from an injury, or treating obstructive sleep apnea. Often, an imbalanced jawbone can noticeably affect the rest of your facial features, and orthognathic surgery may help improve your overall appearance by restoring harmony to your oral health.

Reasons for Jawbone Imbalances

Jawbone deformities are often congenital, meaning they are present even before birth. Even if you were born with a strong, healthy, even jawbone, however, you might experience a number of situations that could call for corrective jaw surgery, such as;

  • A serious injury that has broken or fractured your jaw
  • Deterioration in your jawbone, either from an oral disease or as a consequence of tooth loss
  • TMJ disorder is present, and is too complicated to alleviate through general dentistry measures

The Benefits of Orthognathic Surgery

Once your jawbone is corrected, you may enjoy a number of benefits to your quality of life, including a more appealing smile and more symmetrical structures around it. If you haven’t already developed more serious subsequent issues, then your risks for doing so will decrease, and your bite’s function will improve significantly.


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