Digital X-Rays: Reasons To Get Excited

The idea of visiting us for an exam may not be the first thing you come up with when you prioritize your list of fun activities for the day. However, when you get down to the specifics of what you can expect from your dental care with us, you may find yourself feeling a bit more enthusiastic than you had expected. Fortunately, we offer digital X-rays for efficient visits in addition to a host of other benefits. Perhaps you have wondered what makes digital imaging so different when compared with conventional X-rays you may have experienced in the past. Ready to learn a bit more? Consider the following information:

Exciting Aspects of Digital X-Rays

  1. They’re Safer For You Than Conventional X-Rays. Does the emission of radiation from conventional X-rays make you nervous? Choosing digital means you can enjoy a greatly reduced exposure to radiation – typically less than half the amount of radiation than you experience with conventional imaging, to be more specific.
  2. They’re Better For The Environment, Too. Conventional X-rays require a lot of physical material, including chemicals to process the images as well as film. Digital X-rays simply require the use of computers, which means little to no waste for a much more environmentally conscious approach to imaging.
  3. You Can Expect Greater Efficiency. Digital X-rays rely on electronic sensors. Capturing the details of your oral cavity is quite quick. We will almost instantly upload the images to our computer system. This means the process of having your X-rays taken is faster and more comfortable for a more efficient visit.
  4. We Can Enjoy Greater Efficiency, Too. We will be able to pull up your digital X-rays on a computer screen, while using special software to zoom in and manipulate the images. This improves our ability to diagnose concerns, explain your structures, and complete precise case planning.


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