Common Reasons For Sedation Dentistry

You may assume, like many patients, that receiving additional relaxation through sedation is something we offer only for specific procedures. This is simply not the case. We would like you to wrap your mind around the following portion of our dental care philosophy: We strive to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed. We encourage you to take this information and make sure to speak with us about any aspect of care that causes you hesitation or discomfort. You will find that a diverse array of reasons for sedation dentistry tend to qualify you for treatment, so you can enjoy a relaxing, tranquil experience every time you visit us.

Reason #1: You Desire Additional Numbing

Perhaps you have either found that you do not feel completely numb as a result of a local anesthetic – or you feel anxious about it wearing off. Whatever your concern, choosing sedation dentistry offers additional analgesic effects, while taking the edge off of your nerves. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable, relaxed treatment.

Reason #2: You Are Anxious (Mild To Severe Nerves Qualify)

In some cases (many, in fact) patients suffer from nervousness. This exists on a broad spectrum, ranging from mild nerves that cause one to feel a bit uneasy to severe dental anxiety. Severe nerves can cause a patient to avoid scheduling visits or keeping them. You can feel comfortable planning treatment with the knowledge that sedation will keep you calm and at ease.

Reason #3: You Require Extensive Work

Patients requiring extensive dental work within short periods of time may feel concerned about becoming restless. This is yet another area in which sedation may help.

Reason #4: Your Gag Reflex Is Problematic

Do you feel optimistic about dental care but you cannot seem to make it through even a gentle examination without gagging? Speak with us about your gag reflex, so we may determine whether sedation dentistry may be of assistance.


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