Improve Prosthetic Stability With Dental Implants

Are you a long-time wearer of full or partial dentures? Perhaps you have been wearing a bridge for some time. Whatever the case, you may find that you do not achieve the stability you desire from your prosthetic. Granted, completing your smile with any dental prosthetic is always beneficial, providing you with an esthetically restored grin, the ability to speak and eat with ease, and improved self-esteem. However, if you deal with slippage or must limit your food choices, choosing to support your prosthetic with dental implants may offer you the solution you’ve been seeking. Not sure you qualify for implants? You have options.

Need Help Without Implants?

Have you been wearing the same partial denture for many years? Perhaps you received your prosthetic from another practice and it simply never felt comfortable. Whatever the case, an ill-fitting device may result in trouble with fit and stability. You may also find it quite uncomfortable. Visit us, so we may provide you with a new prosthetic or offer repairs to the one you currently wear.

Or, if your prosthetics are in excellent shape but you want a bit more support, it may be time to turn to adhesives. Fortunately, for patients who wear full or partial dentures, special adhesives may offer additional support – this is helpful if you are dissatisfied with the support created by natural suction in your mouth.

Choosing Dental Implant Support

Have you heard the term implant-retained dentures? Perhaps you know them as implant-supported dentures or implant dentures. Whatever you call them, you should know that you can often receive additional stability by choosing dental implants and prosthetics crafted to fit over the implant posts. This provides you with an exceptional level of stability, while allowing you to reap the many benefits of implants without a mouth full of them. Speak with us about your candidacy for dental implants, so we may determine the best course of action to complete your smile, while improving your daily function and experience.


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