Your Questions About Nitrous Oxide

Finding out that you have anesthesia options to help alleviate stress and anxiety during dental care is often a major relief for patients. However, you may be similar to many of our patients who prefer to feel fully informed both about their options and the details of each. We appreciate this desire and enjoy answering your questions. For instance, if you have been considering nitrous oxide for a tranquil dental visit, you may find yourself wondering about how it works and how it might affect your day. Fortunately, you will find this gentle yet effective option works for nearly everyone and offers many benefits.

Questions And Answers: Nitrous Oxide

Question: What is nitrous oxide?

Answer: Also referred to as “laughing gas” nitrous oxide is a type of sedative that can calm your nerves. The term laughing gas refers to its tendency to cause patients to feel giggly. In general, we suggest this anesthesia option for patients who would like additional numbing during treatments or a gentle method to ease nerves.

Question: Who qualifies for nitrous oxide?

Answer: Nitrous oxide is a gentle anesthesia option that works for most patients, including children. We will speak with you before your visit or procedure to ensure you are healthy enough to receive laughing gas.

Question: Does this type of anesthesia require an injection?

Answer: No. One of the benefits of this sedative is that it is appropriate for individuals with a fear of needles.

Question: Will I fall asleep? Do I need a ride home?

Answer: No, you will remain conscious during your treatment. To administer nitrous oxide, we will place a mask comfortably over your nose and mouth. As you breathe in, the medicine will quickly take effect. When we finish providing you with the sedative, it will wear off just as quickly. This means you will be able to drive yourself home or back to your daily plans.

Question: Does everyone receive the same dosage?

Answer: No. Another benefit of this anesthesia is that we can control the amount that you receive during your treatment, either increasing or decreasing the dose. This makes for comfortable, customized care.


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