Dental Implants: Jaw Health Protection

Patients are often under the impression that losing a tooth is a cosmetic problem and little else. First, it’s important to realize that your daily function and comfort can become severely impaired with even minor tooth loss. In addition, beyond esthetic and functional concerns is the fact that tooth loss can actually lead to the deterioration of your jawbone. We encourage you to learn more about how this happens and how dental implants can protect the health of your jaw, so you’re familiar with the fact that completing your smile and protecting your oral health is certainly possible.

Jaw Health After Tooth Loss

As a means of keeping your jawbone healthy, a process occurs when you chew or bite down. The pressure from your roots stimulates your jaw tissue, signaling your body to send calcium and other important nutrients that will keep your jaw healthy. When you lose your tooth, you lose your roots, as well. Your roots make up the lowermost portion of your tooth, which is embedded in your jawbone. After tooth loss, there is no longer anything stimulating your jawbone, which may then result in tissue deterioration. Losing multiple teeth can become dangerous for your jaw health.

Protect Jaw Tissue With Dental Implants

Great news! We can replace your tooth completely, from the roots up, with dental implants. By placing a titanium post into your jawbone to replace your roots, we can re-instate the stimulation process that once kept your jawbone healthy. Once we restore the implant and you chew or bite down, the dental implant that has fused with your jawbone will again assist in the essential process of letting your body know your jaw has teeth to support (and needs a steady flow of nutrients).


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