Orthognathic Surgery: FAQs

Do you suffer from problems with comfortable daily chewing or effective speaking? Patients whose jaws are misaligned may find relief when they discover the benefits of orthognathic surgery. Rather than struggling with your dental health, daily function, and beauty, you can often find the improvement you need and desire with jaw surgery. Curious about what to expect from surgical jaw alignment and how significantly it may impact your life? Answers to frequently asked questions should help steer you in the right direction.

Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can’t I just receive orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of my top and bottom teeth?

Answer: If your jaws did not form correctly, you will need more than orthodontic treatment. True, orthodontic systems like braces can first shift your teeth, so they align correctly after your surgical procedure. However, if your jaws require improvement beyond the way your teeth are organized, then you will require both orthodontic care and jaw surgery for comprehensive improvement.

Question: Is improving my jaw alignment really that important? I’ve become accustomed to uncomfortable chewing.

Answer: While some patients have a high tolerance for discomfort, there are serious side effects that come with poorly aligned jaws and teeth. Misalignment may lead to TMJ (jaw joint) disorder as a result of daily strain. You may also suffer from tooth damage, erosion, and sensitivity if you cannot close your teeth together properly. Of course, dental hygiene may also present a significant challenge, which promotes tooth decay, infection, and further complications.

Question: What will my smile look after orthognathic surgery? I want my function to improve but I also want my smile to look nice.

Answer: Poor jaw alignment may include abnormal facial skeletal growth, which can impact the appearance of your smile and your face. By aligning your jaws with orthognathic surgery, you can achieve an esthetically pleasing, aligned smile, and improved balance to your facial features.


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