3 Reasons To Choose Implants

Making the effort to complete your smile is something that includes an exceptional amount of excitement and anticipation. However, in addition to feeling overjoyed at the prospect of filling the open spaces in your smile, you may also find yourself feeling conflicted. You have a lot of options within reach, so how to decide on one particular teeth replacement solution? Well, if you’ve been giving dental implants some serious thought, we encourage you to consider three compelling reasons to choose them. If the reasons speak to you particular needs, narrowing your focus will become simple.

Reason #1: Their Stability Is Unsurpassed

You cannot find a more stable dental prosthetic to replace your missing teeth. Why? Dentures rely on suction created in your mouth but are not solidly anchored. Dental bridges receive support from your teeth with the use of a special bonding material, though a bridge will eventually require a replacement. Dental implants? The titanium implant post is placed into your jawbone, where it bonds with the surrounding tissue. This is as close as you can get to replicating your natural roots and the stable nature of a natural tooth (which may last a lifetime).

Reason #2: An Entire Team Works With You

It’s true that dental implants require a detailed treatment plan, multiple steps and visits, and a multi-month recovery period. Not sure how this qualifies as a reason to choose implants? The reason is in the support you will receive from an entire team. If implants are your preferred prosthetic, you can expect to collaborate with our team and your general dentist as we carefully guide you toward a beautiful, complete smile, while you remain fully informed.

Reason #3: You May Forget They’re Artificial

Once your treatment is complete, you will quickly find that you can return to your previous life that you enjoyed before tooth loss. This means successful chewing, easily articulating your words as you speak, and feeling wonderful about your smile’s appearance.


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