Sports Injuries: Addressing Trauma

As you prepare to participate in your favorite sport, the last thing on your mind may be protecting your smile and avoiding injuries. You’re most likely more focused on prepping your strategy for the game and making sure your muscles are stretched and ready to go. Of course, a sprained ankle or pulled hamstring may not surprise you – but an injured tooth – what a shock! The good news is that if you suffer tooth loss, we can assist you in restoring your smile with a dental implant. Of course, we will also provide you with suggestions for protecting your smile in the future.

Protecting Your Smile

Every person participating in sports becomes susceptible to serious dental injuries. From accidental run-ins with a teammate to an unexpected impact with sports equipment, you may suddenly find yourself with tooth damage. The good news is that you can protect your teeth and surrounding tissues by considering a sports mouthguard. Please speak with us regarding suggestions, so we may guide you in a much safer, prevention-minded direction.

Common Injuries

Unfortunately, patients commonly succumb to serious damage to their teeth. If you suffer from a broken tooth, you may require a dental crown (if the injury is moderate). For severe damage, we may suggest a dental extraction and tooth replacement. Or, if your tooth becomes dislodged, a tooth replacement with a dental implant may become necessary.

Replacing Your Tooth

Fortunately, if you lose a tooth as the result of a sports injury, we can quickly begin restoring your smile. You will visit us for a consultation, so we may examine your oral cavity with a visual check and digital X-rays. We will then create a treatment plan for replacing your tooth with a dental implant. This prosthetic will allow us to replace your entire tooth, including your roots and the visible portion.


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