Surprising Facts About Tooth Loss

We often find that patients dealing with tooth loss visit us with a mind full of misinformation. In some cases, patients simply feel isolated as though they’re the only individuals in the world dealing with a missing tooth (which is simply not true). In other cases, patients feel excited about tooth replacement options like dental implants but know very little about the details. To find out more about the truth behind tooth loss, we encourage you to consider some surprising facts.

Fact #1: Losing A Tooth May Lead To … Braces?

When you lose a tooth in your smile, an open space is left behind. Unfortunately, your remaining teeth are not settled permanently – they may begin to migrate into that open area. The result? A misaligned smile that will require orthodontic care. Fortunately, tooth replacements like dental implants will act as placeholders, keeping your smile intact.

Fact #2: You’re Not The Only One

Over 30 million individuals in our country are missing a complete series of teeth on a single arch or both arches. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not the only person dealing with tooth loss. Whether it’s one tooth or multiple teeth, there are millions of other patients seeking teeth replacement options, too.

Fact #3: Dental Implants Are More Popular Than You Think

Patients often assume dental implants are a lucrative choice when it comes to replacing a tooth or teeth. Contrary to this thought, millions of Americans are walking around with implants in their smiles, a figure that is rapidly growing every day.


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