Traditional Vs. Implant-Retained

As you make your way through the information regarding dental prosthetics, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the jargon. Even more frustrating? Once you learn each type of teeth replacement solution to fill the open spaces in your smile, you may discover that you may choose between traditional or implant-retained prosthetics. Fortunately, whether you select dental implants to support your denture or other device, becoming familiar with these options is easy and can be quite helpful. Allow us to break the information down for you, so you can more quickly and confidently move forward toward completing your smile.

About Traditional Prosthetics

In general, your options for teeth replacement prosthetics to replace one or multiple teeth (without single dental implants) include: A partial denture, a full denture, or a dental bridge. When you choose traditional prosthetics, the device will receive support from your mouth in the following ways:

  • Partial denture: This denture will rely partly on natural suction created in your mouth and partly with the help of metal clasps that will fit over remaining natural teeth.
  • Full denture: This denture will rest over your dental ridge. It will receive all of its support from the suction that you naturally create in your mouth.
  • Dental bridge: A bridge is “fixed” which means we will cement it in place. It will rely on the support it receives from remaining natural teeth that stand on either side of the open space in your mouth. We will bond the end crowns of the bridge over these teeth.

About Implant-Retained Prosthetics

We suggest implant-retained prosthetics for patients who either would like improved stability or who do not have standing natural teeth to offer support. This means that we will create prosthetics outfitted with small enclosures. The device, whether a partial denture, full denture, or dental bridge, will fit snugly over dental implants that we strategically place into your jawbone to anchor the prosthetic.


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