Does My Child Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you received an announcement in the mail, letting you know that your child’s wisdom teeth were on their way? If only life were so easy. However, the good news is that we are here to help with all things third molars when it comes to protecting your child’s smile. Perhaps you are not quite sure when or how to begin monitoring your son or daughter’s smile for this final set of teeth. Or, maybe your child is experiencing symptoms. Whatever the case, we can assist you in determining whether wisdom teeth removal is right for your child (and when to follow through with surgery).

If Your Child’s Smile Feels Fine

Just because your child’s smile feels okay does not mean you should wait. In fact, monitoring your son or daughter’s smile before and during the wisdom teeth development process allows us to determine whether wisdom teeth removal is necessary quite early. We can accomplish this feat with the use of digital X-rays. If the teeth appear to be problematic, which might mean they are growing in on an angle or fail to erupt – we can remove them without consequence. Growth of third molars typically begins during late teen years or early 20s, so we can begin seeking them out during your child’s teenage years.

If Your Child Is Experiencing Symptoms

Perhaps your child suddenly complains of discomfort behind existing molars or gum problems. Or, your child’s wisdom teeth may have grown in successfully but are proving extremely difficult to keep clean. Whatever the problem, we will examine your child’s smile and provide you with a care plan for wisdom teeth removal, so we may restore your son or daughter’s oral health.


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