Scheduling Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have recently been informed that your child requires wisdom teeth removal, you know that scheduling an appointment is extremely important. However, the urgency of that need does not necessarily make choosing a date and working around your (and your child’s) busy calendar any easier. Allow us to offer a very helpful suggestion: Schedule this oral surgery appointment for a day over winter break. Feeling some slight relief at this idea but you’re not sure how it helps? Consider some compelling reasons that will take the challenge out of this otherwise very beneficial decision to protect your son or daughter’s oral health.

Choose Winter Break

Have you been trying to figure out how you will possibly find time in your family’s busy schedule to plan wisdom teeth removal for your son or daughter? Are you fretting about ensuring your child will have adequate time to recover before returning to class? We often suggest choosing winter break. This will allow to you block out a satisfactory amount of time for treatment and recovery without stress. Do yourself a favor and speak with us soon, so you can carefully select the day and time that works best for you.

Keep The Holidays In Mind

Assume your child will need anywhere from a few days to a week for sufficient recovery time after wisdom teeth removal. The good news is that your child has both weekdays and weekends to rest and heal. However, if you schedule your son or daughter’s wisdom teeth removal surgery too close to holiday festivities, you could find yourself unintentionally sabotaging your child’s ability to indulge in favorite foods. Speak with us about recovery and scheduling times to ensure the chosen date works for your plans.


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