A Single Missing Tooth Can Cause Problems

“But I’m just missing one tooth!” you may exclaim either to yourself or to our team in defense of avoiding tooth replacement. We understand that the process necessary for researching and replacing a tooth certainly requires some significant time and effort. However, it is very important to recognize that even a single missing tooth may result in serious complications that you would probably prefer to avoid. Allow us to explain why saying yes to tooth replacement solutions like dental implants – even to replace just one tooth – is extremely significant for your oral health.

One Tooth Lost May Cause Misalignment

Just missing a single tooth? Unfortunately, the open space offers more than enough room into which your remaining teeth may shift. As they migrate toward this area, they will no longer display the alignment they held when you still had your natural tooth. Fortunately, by replacing the tooth with a dental implant, you will ensure your teeth remain standing in their usual positions, so your alignment remains unchanged.

Your Bone Tissue Will Begin To Deteriorate

Your tooth is firmly anchored in your jawbone when it is in place. Once you lose your tooth, that area of your jawbone is no longer necessary (or so your body thinks). As a result, that portion of your bone will begin to deteriorate and become absorbed by your body. This can result in poor jaw health, will make it difficult to receive implants in the future, and may damage your appearance. Fortunately, an implant replaces your tooth’s roots (and supports a dental prosthetic above your gumline), preventing jawbone deterioration.


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