When It’s Too Late For Root Canal Treatment

Are you extremely concerned about your smile because you recently suffered a tooth infection, which resulted in a dental extraction? The bad news is that sometimes root canal therapy simply cannot save an infected tooth. The good news is that the problematic tooth is now out of your smile, so it can no longer cause any discomfort or complications for your oral health. If you have been considering dental implants to fill the open space, we encourage you to schedule a visit to see us. The sooner we take a look at your smile, the sooner we can guide you toward the answers you seek for achieving a full, beautiful grin.

Losing Your Tooth To Infection

When the dental pulp – or soft tissue that houses nerves and blood vessels – in your tooth becomes infected, it must be removed. Otherwise, this infection will worsen and may eventually abscess and spread. While root canal treatment is the restorative dentistry treatment of choice to address this problem, sometimes it will not help. You may either experience failure due to complications or you may visit your general dentist only to discover your problem has become too severe. In either case, the end result typically includes the removal of your tooth and the need for a tooth replacement option, such as dental implants.

Dental Implants After Infection

Are you looking to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant? If so, it is essential that you schedule a consultation with us, so we may examine your oral cavity. We may also need time to monitor the progress of your tissues if you are still healing (or if you are still under treatment for the infection). We can then discuss your options and create a tooth replacement care plan according to your particular oral health needs, so you can look forward to a complete smile.


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