4 Signs It’s Time To Learn About Implants

Have you been avoiding learning more about dental implants or considering them for your tooth replacement because you have some deeply engrained preconceived notions? Perhaps you assume they are for a different type of tooth loss pattern than your own (they work for all patterns). Maybe you are concerned about their stability (it is unsurpassable). Or, you might feel concerned about what to expect (we will explain everything). Whatever the case, if you are missing teeth and want an exceptional replacement solution, we suggest incorporating implants into your list of potential choices, so you can make the best decision for your smile.

#1: You Are Unhappy With Bridges Or Dentures

Have you been wearing bridges or dentures to address your missing teeth for some time now and you simply feel like you want an upgrade? Maybe you are still seeking your first replacement option but do not feel satisfied by what you have learned about other prosthetics. Take this as a big red flag that it’s time to learn about dental implants.

#2: Your Priority Is Stability

As we mentioned about stability, you won’t find anything to beat the stability of a dental implant. This is because the prosthetic is bonded to your jawbone – the post is very unlikely to falter. Want stability? An implant is a wise path to embark upon.

#3: You Worry About Your Jaw Health

Particularly for patients missing several teeth or more, jawbone deterioration is a significant threat. Fortunately, replacing teeth with dental implants protects your jaw health by restoring the stimulation once provided by natural tooth roots (a process that keeps jaw tissue healthy).

#4: You’re “Over” Your Diet Limitations

If you feel exhausted by the fact that you cannot eat the foods you want, then take it as a sign you need to learn more about dental implants – they can often thoroughly restore your ability to eat all the foods you love. 


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