Implants: Your 2015 Holiday Care Plan

Are you beginning to wonder what will become of your smile come Christmas evening? Do you have some serious plans for enjoying the multitude of unhealthy yet oh-so-delicious delicacies that show up around holiday time? If so, remember that it is always best to indulge during a set time, then rinse your mouth with water (followed by a brushing session 30 minutes later). As for some additional, smart ways to protect your dental implants and natural teeth during holiday time, we would like to offer some helpful suggestions that are easy to overlook.

Don’t Change Your Routine

Easier said than done, of course, since most routines change over the holidays. As a result, we suggest you do your best to keep your dental hygiene routine as consistent as possible even if the rest of your schedule becomes completely mixed up. Here’s what should remain the same:

  • Your brushing – Use a soft-bristle brush twice daily (those holiday meals mean your teeth and dental implants really need attention more than ever)
  • Your flossing – Again, you need to floss once a day like you usually do to remove food particles and plaque

Seek Out Healthy Snack Foods

A trap you should try to avoid is the daylong snack fest that includes everything from cookies and candy to eggnog. Coating your teeth and dental implants throughout the day creates an acid environment in your mouth, which promotes just about every bad thing you can imagine. Problems may include everything from tooth decay to the inflammation of the tissue around your implants (peri-implantitis). Instead, snack on leftover turkey or other protein, dairy (like cheese), and veggies. Of course, stay refreshed and hydrated with water and you’re offering your smile wonderful protection (water washes away food particles, rinses away bacteria, and is excellent for your oral health and general wellbeing). 


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