3 Things To Bring To Your Visit

Are you someone who likes to feel completely prepared for just about anything? When it comes to preparing for oral surgery, you may feel that the stakes are a bit higher. The last thing you want is to show up without an essential item, only to find yourself faced with rescheduling and coming in for another appointment. The great news is that getting ready for your visit is quite easy. We will fill you in on all of the essential details, so you can show up relaxed, ready to improve your oral health. For now, allow us to offer a few helpful suggestions, so you can get a head start on that much needed prep.

How Old Are You?

Are you showing up for oral surgery? Or, is your son or daughter the patient in this case? If your child is visiting us for a procedure, you will need to come to the visit, too. We require individuals younger than 18 to arrive at their appointment with a parent or guardian, so keep this in mind as the two of you plan out your schedules.

Important Documentation

You will need to remember to bring the basic information that you likely usually carry in your wallet. For instance, make sure you show up with your dental insurance card if you have decided to claim your coverage benefits for your oral surgery procedure. This will streamline the process.

Bring Your Medical Info

As you know, oral surgery requires us to remain fully informed regarding the state of your general wellbeing. In addition, we work in collaboration with your general dentist and any doctors you see. As a result, we ask that you begin preparing for your surgery by bringing supporting materials to your consultations with us, including the following:

  • Information regarding any significant health problems that you are currently experiencing
  • Documentation of medicine you take, preferably with the dosage and frequency with which you take them
  • Your referral from your dentist or doctor
  • Provide your dentist with permission to send any advanced imaging to our practice


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