How To Determine What Dental Implants Will Cost

When it comes to answering your questions about dental implants, a good portion of the information we offer is unique to your particular case. For instance, if you are interested in finding out how much implants will cost for your smile, the final amount may be quite different than for that of a friend who recently replaced his or her missing teeth. For a clearer idea of how to proceed with the financial aspect of addressing your tooth loss, consider some helpful advice.

Consult With Us

We suggest that you come in to see us for a dental implant consultation. While we will be able to answer your general questions about implants that apply to everyone, we will also be able to come to conclusions particular to your smile with a personalized care plan. With the use of digital X-rays, an examination, and a discussion about your goals, we can provide you with actual figures that will help you make final decisions regarding your tooth loss. Remember, we offer a variety of options (such as single implants or implant-retained dentures), so we can work within your budget.

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

When it comes to the out-of-pocket costs you are concerned about, we always recommend that you get in contact with your dental insurance carrier. For specific facts and figures regarding your personal coverage for dental implants, you will only be able to arrive at a conclusion by speaking with an insurance representative about your benefits. Then, of course, if you have any additional questions about implants, feel free to contact us right away. 


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