What Are Those Oral Surgery Terms?

Do you understand that there’s something going on with your oral health that requires you to visit us for oral surgery – but you feel like your knowledge ends there? Are you discovering that there are a few terms related to our field of oral care that continue to throw you off a bit, so gathering the details about your personal needs and treatments is a bit difficult to thoroughly understand? Allow us to help define a few key terms, so your journey toward a healthier smile begins with a solid foundation.

What Does Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Mean?

When we say that we provide oral and maxillofacial surgery, this might sound extremely complicated or intimidating but it is simple to understand. We practice within a specialized field that allows us to diagnose and surgically treat problems that arise with your oral tissues (tissues in your mouth) as well as your maxillofacial tissues (your jaws and your face).

What Is Bone Grafting?

If you require bone grafting, this is an oral surgery procedure. We will help treat damaged jawbone tissue, which often occurs as the result of periodontal disease. Or, jawbone tissue may deteriorate due to a prolonged experience with missing teeth. Grafting means that we will replace the missing tissue either with natural tissue or artificial tissue. In some instances, grafting will encourage your natural tissue to regenerate.

What Does Anesthesia Refer To?

Anesthesia refers to a variety of sedation options we offer to our patients for relaxing, comfortable oral surgery. In some cases, this may refer to general anesthesia (or IV sedation), which may or may not include going to sleep. However, anesthesia also refers to local anesthesia (the localized numbing of tissues), nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and oral sedation (sedation in pill form). 


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