3 Benefits Of Oral Surgery

You know that choosing oral surgery is going to repair the problem with your oral health, which is certainly a wonderful advantage. However, have you given much thought to the more specific benefits that come with visiting us? Whether you need help with a problematic tooth, improvement for an unhealthy jawbone, dental implants, or otherwise, our treatments can improve your smile (and your life) in a number of ways. Consider a few of them as you learn more about this field of dental care.

Benefit #1: Achieve Long-Term Tooth Replacement

Patients with missing teeth have a variety of options for addressing their tooth loss. If you choose a bridge or denture, you will restore the crown of your tooth (which rests above your gum tissue) but you will not replace the roots. As a result, your device may last several years but will require replacement and likely an occasional repair. Replacing teeth with oral surgery means you replace the entire tooth with a dental implant and restoration for a long-lasting and stable solution.

Benefit #2: Prevent Significant Damage

In some instances, you will need oral surgery for a problem that is progressive. This means that the issue at hand – jawbone deterioration, for instance – is going to worsen over time unless you address it. Fortunately, in this case, we may replace the lost tissue with bone grafting to keep the problem from advancing and causing significant damage.

Benefit #3: Address The Problem (Not The Symptom)

Another benefit of oral surgery is that we are able to address the actual underlying problem that is negatively affecting your oral health, rather than simply dealing with the symptom. For example, rather than suggest you take pain relievers and deal with jaw problems, we may perform jaw surgery to correct the problem by aligning your jaws.


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