Dental Implants: 3 Exciting Benefits

When you’re doing your best to become familiar with your tooth replacement options, you might find that there are more solutions than you first imagined. As you become more interested in dental implants and their benefits, you can be sure that you will continue to uncover exciting advantages that make them more and more attractive. For now, we offer up a few additional benefits that you may have overlooked.

Benefit #1: They Don’t Damage Nearby Teeth

If you choose a prosthetic like a dental bridge, you will discover quickly that the bridge will rest on remaining, healthy, natural teeth in your smile. Unfortunately, a dentist will usually need to remove some of the tooth tissue from these “anchor” or natural teeth, so they are prepared to support the bridge with the placement of dental crowns. A dental implant requires only support from your jawbone, so it will not interrupt remaining teeth in your smile.

Benefit #2: They Can Support A Variety of Prosthetics

You may use dental implants to support one of a variety of prosthetics, giving you a full spectrum of choices. Implants may stand on their own to support a dental crown, replacing teeth one at a time. Or, you may elect to receive implant-supported bridges or dentures, according to your particular oral health and smile goals.

Benefit #3: We Can Determine Candidacy In House

If you come to us with an interest in dental implants, you will not have to travel to another office for the required advanced imaging we need for a full comprehension of your oral health. After learning about your health status and medical history, we will gather digital X-rays (and sometimes 3D X-rays) within our own practice for exceptional convenience.


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