Dental Implants: Time-Related Questions

When you decide on dental implants as you seek out solutions to replace missing teeth, you know that this treatment requires a greater amount of time than other tooth replacement options. As a result, though you know the entire process is much lengthier, you may have some specific questions about time-related concerns along the way. To offer some clarification, consider answers to common questions regarding implants and how they may affect your timeline.

Questions and Answers: Implants

Question: How long does it take to place an implant during the surgical procedure?

Answer: If you are receiving a single dental implant, the placement requires approximately one hour in most cases. For multiple implants, the procedure may require two or more hours.

Question: Will I need to spend many days recovering from dental implant surgery? I’m worried about missing work.

Answer: No. In most instances you will be able to return to your normal daily schedule by the day after your surgical procedure. Do not confuse your short-term recovery associated with surgery with the long-term recovery associated with your implant and bone fusing (osseointegration). This fusion will require several months, though it will take place while you continue to live your usual daily life.

Question: How many times will I need to visit you before my dental implants are restored and I am done with treatment?

Answer: The frequency of appointments may vary according to the particular patient. However, in many cases, we will simply need to see you to plan the treatment, for the placement of your implants, and then to place your restorations. You may enjoy your complete implants within only a few appointments. Keep in mind, we may also suggest a post-operative visit or two to monitor your progress.


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