National Facial Protection Month

As we make our way into April, we prepare to make full use of the beautiful Spring weather that we love. While this is a wonderful time to become active – particularly if you experienced cabin fever during of any of winter’s occasional bleak days – it’s also an important time for caution. Did you know that April is National Facial Protection Month? With greater activity comes an increased chance of significant oral health injuries. Allow us to make a couple helpful suggestions, so you can enjoy your fun time without concern.

Doing Something – Anything – Active?

Believe it or not, just about any activity that includes working out, whether it’s on your own or in a team scenario, can lead to oral health injuries. For instance, unexpected impact from a baseball can end in damage to your facial structure (including a dislodged tooth). Working out on your own without a spotter can result in accidents, as well. While it’s good to feel positive about your activities, a bit of foresight is always worthwhile. We suggest wearing an athletic mouth guard, which offers exceptional protection for your mouth.

Are Your Feet On The Ground?

Are you a fan of bike riding? Perhaps roller blading is more your speed. Whatever the case, if your activity of choice places your oral health and entire head at a high risk of impact, now is a wonderful time to protect your oral, facial, and general wellbeing by choosing to wear a helmet. In addition to saving your smile, a helmet can save your life. Have questions? Let us know during your next appointment.


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